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Darksky Weather App

I tried to add it, but i kept saying ‘invalid latitude’ it took me a while to release that the lat/lng inputs were back to front with longitude followed by latitude. Perhaps that is a locale thing though.

All working now though, good work!

Hello Jeroen,

I have a request for additional data. I’d like to use this app for weather alerts (rain and open windows).
For that, the rain percipIntensity is not useful because it changes every poll interval in minimal steps.

Could you please add the values for

  • summary
  • precipProbability

Changes for these values should trigger flows and should be present as tags to create logic (like the other values).
Thank you.


Why is this app showing up in Homey energy?

@Jeroen_Somhorst Why is this app a energy consuming device in Homey?

I don’t know… I havent had the time to update my homey to 3.x so I also haven’t got the time to investigate this any further.

Update. I just updated my homey and tried several things but it at this moment I don’t know yet why it is visible under energy. I would hav expected it not to be. If I have more information I will update this topic