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I also really want to have a customizable dashboard for Homey on my tablet in landscape format. On the dashboard I would like to see readings of my sensors, (customizable) buttons on which I can press to switch on devices or start flows. And if possible values of my own created variables.

This would be my most wanted feature Homey does not have at the moment.



I hope someone will start a project like https://homeyda.sh/. Or maybe Athom can create something themself.

In this topic I see 2 types of dashboards: First one only displays data and the second one only has input buttons. I would love to see a combination. Some buttons and soms data on one screen.



in the meantime i installed ImperiHome and use it as a Dashboard. Yes , I can not see the actual status of Windows, motion sensors and lights But for scènes it works for now.

still waiting for a Dashboard which can see the actual status.



A Dashboard Designer would be great… like HABPanel

waiting for it

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hmm, i think the easiest way could be…the homey community collects some money and give it to the person who create a homey-dashboard app. :))



Ehm, maybe Athom should do that, not the community?

I think Athom has to be careful in how the are going to treat these “requests”. Since they are selling the “new” Homeys for even more money that the current ones they can’t afford to be deaf for the new buyers. Who are going to ask the same questions and want the same enhancements as we do without a doubt.



but athom said, they wouldn’t do that, i think :slight_smile:



Well, then they will have a problem somewhere in the future for sure.



you are right, but it was athom’s decision. :confused: but i hope, that a good developer will find a solution :slight_smile:



You have one option…
You can use toggle icons… so that the state changes… you are correct in saying its not true… its only true when you only control it from the tablet… but it looks cooler…

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Nice to see that my topic is fianlly kicking off :wink:

ImperiHome and HABPanel are indeed the kind of dashboards I was thinking of, would be great to have a nicely looking and fully functioning customizable dashboard for all devices connected to Homey. I would then put this on 7"/8" tablets and mount them to some of the walls in my house.

Any word from the developer of HomeyDash about his ambitions for 2.0?



I am also still waiting on a good dashboard, HomeyDash is horrible, i need to set the whole dashboard on the tablet because everything saves locally.

I do have a nice screensaver already for my dashboard: It is free and nice to see the weather https://dakboard.com/


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That would be awesome! Could you share the details of how you made it?



I’m developing a mqtt communication ‘gateway’ for Homey. When this app is installed, all Homey devices and their capabilities are shared over mqtt (iot communication protocol) in a format which HABpanel understands (the Homie Convention). The MQTT Gateway app is currently in alpha status (=experimental). If you want to test it now, the app can be installed via the athom-cli. Eventually it will become available in the Athom app store (patience). When installed, all Homey devices will automatically appear in HABpanel as channels within a ‘Homie MQTT device’. How to accomplish this, can be found on many openhab fora. Finally the channels are linked to ‘things’ (the devices within openhab) which can be added to a custom dashboard or be controlled from one of the many openhab interfaces. Of course equal results can be achieved for any application with the ability to communicate over mqtt (e.g. I’ve seen some working Android & iOS app dashboards already).


[CONCEPT] HEIMA for Homey (Wall Mounted Dashboard)

Some work in progress on a new dashboard: [CONCEPT] HEIMA for Homey (Wall Mounted Dashboard)



Just stumbled across this via Pinterest, looks awesome

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But what is it?



I think it’s just a concept idea, someone designing what could be a dashboard