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Data usage extremely high with HUE App installed

Every day Homey HUE APP is downloading 3.5GB and uploads 220MB.

(1) HUE app is ON
(2) HUE app is OFF
(3) HUE app is ON

As of today’s statics: unchanged.
I’ve sent all debug info to the dev team, but now 2 months later and no reply I am trying it this way.

Please help us guys!

Might be related to this issue, where Homey’s networking was very unstable until the user (@Berni) began restarting the Hue app every hour (also, @Berni contacted Athom about this several times, but I’m not sure if he ever got a response).

Doesn’t seem related to me, because I restarted and updated everything. As soon as I activate the App the bandwidth usage goes up.

Hi, I did not got a response from Athom. Also restarting the App every hour did not
solve the problems that Homey is offline once or two times a day. My plan is now to deactivate the app now and monitor homey over several days. May be I need to reset Homey every three hours with the Hue App … the following is the resource situation from the last 24h with Hue activated, on 5h I do a reboot of Homey, the other times I PTP…

People please don’t get “DATA USAGE” be confused with “MEMORY / CPU USAGE”

So you see an issue with the Hue app using excessive amounts of networking resources, and @Berni is seeing an issue with Homey going offline a lot when the Hue app is running. I can think of a few reasons why those two symptoms could be related.

The CPU/RAM graphs don’t seem to suggest that the app uses a lot of either. It would be useful to know if @Berni can somehow determine that his Homey is also using a lot of networking resources.

Hi Robert, I don‘t know how to measure network usage but have switched off the Hue App now for a week with no single „Homey offline“ situation. There is a bug in the Hue App and for now I think about other integration with the Hue Gateway, may be over IFTT… will let you know my results.

I am using a router with network monitor, that’s the only way to measure a WiFi device’s traffic as far as I know of. I reset my Homey today. Still same problem unfortunately.
Homey is using [with only the Philips HUE app enabled] : 13 MB (WIFI) each 5 minutes data usage.

Just for fun I’ve also setup a raspberry with Domoticz+HUE plugin and I only get 3MB (WIFI) each 5 minutes data usage.

Today I found out that the data usage stays within the network. I don’t see it going over the WAN port.

So I’d definetely say it’s a bug in the HUE APP yes.