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Define a flow to execute a task every other day

I’m trying to build a simple flow to execute tasks with a defined frequency (when) of every 2 day (every other day). Is there a card which could be setup to do this? Thanks!

There are several ways you can achieve this.

There is this “time: every, 2 days” card, but that will always trigger 0:00, if you want a specific time then do the “time: 12:00” with a AND card, “it is a uneven day”.

Though that will trigger once every 2 months with no day in between, if you really don’t want that then you’ll have to look at a countdown app and set that to 2 days of countdown.

Or you can add an logic boolean (yes/no) in the AND column that you toggle (time: every 1 day), and only let the thing you want to activate activate when the boolean is true on a certain time.
This will take 2 flows, not possible in 1 flow.


Thanks for help (I’m new on Homey…), I’ve been able to setup the flows.