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I have purchased 3x Smoke Alarms (PN F0067Z0400, SMSZB-120).
According to the documentation they should be able to be paired, ie linked in series so that if any one is triggered, all will sound the siren.
They are certainly not exhibiting this behaviour out of the box and I can not immideately find any way to trigger this from Homey. Any ideas?
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Can you provide the S/N of plug devices through the official support email?

Hi the devices support such features but Homey V4 did not support it (the documentaion is purely for the devices not about the drivers for Homey, not all features apply for Homey). This functionality will have to be implemented in the CIE and IAS Zone. The Smoke alarms will signal the presence of smoke via an alarm bit in the ZoneStatusUpdate.
Homey V5 does not yet provide us the tools needed to add the feature, but we are in talks with the Homey team to hopefully add the required functionality. Please follow the updates in the forum here

Thanks. Are you able to estimate a timeline for this? (Re: smoke alarms)


Serial number:

0015 BC00
2F00 1B8B


Any updates or advices?

unfortunately, we cant estimate the timeline right now. But as soon as we know better we will update here

Any plan of upgrade of App 2.0.6?

May it help to upgrade firmware?

I have problems with the EMI Norwegian HAN

I’m on Homey release V. 5.0.0 and Develco V.2.0.6
The value reported values doesn’t change from 281474976710,6… kWh and -8388608 Watt
Equal to @Morten_Mus I think

After upgrading to V5 i’ve done a zigbee network reset, and added all devices again. Tried restarting hub, wlan, meeter and also tried re-adding the EMI Norwegian HAN and waited at least 30min-1hour after each test.

Diagnostics report: 04BA2E (HUB)
Diagnostics report: bee56b5a-1f96-48f3-bd20-3af7918722e3

Let me know if there is anything else that is needed.

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Any chance that Develco Smartrele 16A DIN - SMRZB-332 will be supported soon?

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Hoping for support of Smart Relay 16A DIN also in Homey

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Have anyone found devcelco stable? my devices leave the network after short time. Wonder if I should go to my shop and change to another devices. Cant recommend develco to anyone