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Develco Products App - Control your home and make it safe (v1.0.0 | TEST v2.0.6)


Any updates?
I see other apps like Namron making often updating the version.
Any plan?
My Develco sticks leaving the network after a few hrs.
As i can see, the problem start when more than one Develco plug is in operation.

We’re investigating the issues reported, together with Develco Products engineering and Athom development. So far we have not been able to reproduce these issues on (extended) setups at all three locations, nor are the diagnostics reports of either the app or Homey conclusive.

Several Homey’s running here with a mixed setup (multiple plugs and sensors) without devices leaving the network. Do note that all Homey’s are either new based on v5+ or have a reset Zigbee network after updating to Homey v5.

I’ve reached out to a local home automation shop who is reselling the same devices to inform me when
they have customers experiencing similar issues; to be able to capture the Zigbee communication with a Zigbee sniffer.

Additional information about your Zigbee network would be helpful to resolve this issue:

In parallel, I am extending Homey’s Zigbee implementation to provide a few additional responses by Homey on the devices requests.

At this moment, resolving the disappearing devices has the highest priority.
Then we’ll add support for additional devices.

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I assumed you might wanted it here?

I’ve sent diagnostics of Zigbee network to the thread in link provided, or wanted you this here as well?

Extra info: I just realized that two devices left again…should have been 2 more smoke detectors here

Extra info 2: Before I ended up with only Develco Zigbee products in Homey Zigbee, I also had IKEA without HUB in the same network. But it was unstable as well, so I added them back to the original IKEA Trådfri HUB, so now it seems stable for IKEA. But then again, there are no “power” devices left on the Homey Zigbee network to act as “repeaters” that also might be an issue with connectivity, but I would NOT expect them to leave network, but throw a “cannot connect” staus instead of leaving :crazy_face:

Hi, I’ve added my Develco leak sensor again to retrieve a report when it leaves the network. The pairing was a little weird. When I followed the instructions, the device would not pair. Then I disconnected the battery and connected it again the device started to pair. After a few minutes, Homey sends a message that the batteries were OK again. (The battery shows 100% both before and after).

Just picked up 4 Develco Motion Sensor Minis and am wondering if anyone knows how often they run a check for lux/movement? It doesn’t seem to be as often as I’d like because sometimes they don’t respond even when I’m waving my hand directly in front of one. Is there any way to shorten this interval?

Bought two motion sensor minis last month. First one left the network, then yesterday the other.

Not sure how long it will last when I readd them…

Any updates on zigbee units leaving the network.

No progress after update to ver 6.1 either

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Same with me. if possible even worse than before. units now leaving the network the same day.

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Hi. Is it possible to disable the blinking lights when the motion sensor mini detects movement? My kids think its kind of creepy with a green blinking eye in the dark :slight_smile:
I read the manual and know theres an option to disable it, but i cant find a way in homey to adjust settings. @TedTolboom