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Develco Products App - Control your home and make it safe (v1.0.0)


Gain wireless control of your home, keep your family safe, and become more energy aware with Develco Products’ wide range of wireless devices.

Connect your Develco Products devices with Homey and start living the smart life.

Use the Develco Products sensors and alarms to monitor and control your home. Keep track of your energy consumption and turn on/off your electrical appliances with the smart plug or the smart cable.

Supported devices:

Sensors and Alarms:

Smart Plugs

Meter interfaces

Smart relays

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Now available in the App Store!

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Any plans for the Smart Relay 30A and Smart Relay 16A DIN?

I don´t know if this is a bug. Battery status for Window Sensor does not show up in Battery monitor 2.0.5 (Harrie de Groot).

Thanks for the feedback.
For now we have decided to only implement alarm_battery and not the percentage based measure_battery; which does explain that the sensors will not show up in the battery monitor.

Problems with all Develco devices after latest experimental 4.2.0-rc.9

Following up on the parallel communication at the slack channel; likely the Zigbee chip (in general) didn’t initialize properly after updating the Homey (experimental) release. Unfortunately this is a known issue, but not related to a specific app (like Develco Products).

So no structural issue with the Develco Products app on RC9.

Do this app support the temperature sensors that are included in the smoke detectors? can we use the siren for other things? (The product should support this)

Problems with the smart cable, ask for rejoining, its within range, so no issue there. A restart of app fix the problem, but have to restart app every 10 minutes.

@Tangodelta that shouldn’t be the right usage mode.
I’ll investigate and try to reproduce the issue to be able to resolve it, ok?

Thank you!

Trying out EMI Norwegian HAN, and I’m just -8.39 MW power usage. Any ideas?

Any chance for keypad support in near future?

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It seems like Develco is sold under other brand names. Wattle is one of them. Does anyone know if Wattle works with Develco driver? An example: