Device Groups [v2] - Update


Looking for Testers.

First thanks to all the testers to date, Given the positive feedback i’m going to open up the testing to everyone.

I’m also still looking to someone to help with translations.

Please note you will need to be able to install an app through the CLI

Supports most device classes

You can now add device groups for any category from kettles to sensors and everything between 18 categories are supported, the rest to be added once available in Homey 2.

Now supports all device capabilities

All standard device capabilities are now supported, this means that you can now group anything from temperature sensors, lux sensors, motion alarms, vacuum cleaner states, power measurements. All 72 capabilities have been added.

Give feedback on device status

Your device group cards will now give feedback if something changes with in the grouped devices, either in or outside of the Homey App.

eg. In a grouped set of Hue lights, if you change the colour of the lights to red with in the Hue app, your device group card will now show as red.

Choose how information is display method

You can now choose how each groups capability will be reported back to you.

eg. Set the grouped temperature sensors to show the average temperature, but the highest humidity value.
eg. Show the total amount of power used for all grouped lights, but median average dim levels
eg. Only set the light card on if all lights are on, but turn on the grouped motion sensors if any detect motion.

See more information, quicker.

You can now click on a group’s settings to see which devices, which capabilities have been included and which method is being used to display the results. As always you can still change the values from the app settings, along with which method is being used.

Choose your language.

Added (technical) support for NL, please note - I dont speak Dutch, and adding translations is a work in progress.


Lots of other small fixes, and features

Testing notes

Currently (in testing), this application will not overwrite the stable version of the application. Instead installing as “(beta) Device Groups”
This is to allow testing with out breaking any existing devices/flows. However it means that any ‘beta’ groups added will be lost when the app is released.


You can find the repo at :

Its worth noting that this is on the BETA branch, please make sure that you use that branch, otherwise you will loose your existing device groups. So :

git fetch; 
git checkout beta; 

Otherwise everything else is as advertised in the post, hit me up on Slack (@jamie) if you have any questions or issues.

Finally if you could let me know what does work, as well as what doesn’t, it would be really helpful as I am unable to test some devices myself.


With in your normal devices screens, just hit the ‘add new device’ as you would any other new device you have.







Sign me up :slight_smile:


Happy to test for u.


Me too, sounds very useful…


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Sign me up too, need to have the device group on if all devices are on from other triggers


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Nice app ! Happy to test it ! :slight_smile:


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I would like to be a tester…
Currently using it for lights, but love to group Fibaro smoke sensors, PIR sensors, etc…


I would like to be a tester, too.