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Devloping a new App that communicates with Life360

Okay, i will dive into this. I suppose you have filled in a password?

Yes i have, i have removed it before posting it here

Hi @MarcelT,
I waited for the notifications after my phones battery came below 15%. Then disabled the (Homey) Life360 app and the notifications stopped.
After enabling the app again, the notifications started to come in again…

Seems it is something triggered from the Homey Life360 app then?

Hi, looking to the notification this is triggered by a flow or that homey or another app read battery status from other apps. I am 100 percent sure that the Life360 app does not send a notification on is own.

Please, in the homey app go to devices, select your device and check if there are any flows on this device.

What you also could check is more/settings/notifications is there are any that could send this. Like energy maybe?

No flows for battery notifications:

Don’t see any abnormalities here too.
Notifications for energy are off too:

I installed the app and so far it’s all working fine, so I’m very happy!
One Question: what exactly does ‘Device kwam binnen’ mean or what triggers it? I created a flow to set me away when I leave home and that works fine with ‘Device ging weg’, but when I do the same with ‘Device kwam binnen’ it never sets me home. I now changed this to ‘Device komt aan op deze plek’ and used Home as the location from the list of locations created in Life360. I was wondering why ‘Device kwam binnen’ wouldn’t do the same.

I love all the information available in the device like battery, speed, driving etc, but from what I read it’s not possible to use these in a flow. I do get a notification when the phone battery is low.

is it possible to set the sync time less them a min?
i use the app to turn on the lights on my frontyard when i come home but often its too late and already home when they turn on

No, Sorry, This will hit the API to much.

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@MarcelT I upgraded to v1.2.3 but that didn’t work. The “Device came in” and “Device left” card didn’t trigger anymore.

Also, the logs shows something like “Name: Ricardo, Presence:unknown, new Presence:true, range: 76, distance 1.8” but it kept saying that; the (current) presence was always unknown at every synchronisation attempt. For all devices.

I had to (CLI) install the 1.2.2 and everything is fine again now. I am still very happy with Connect Life360. For me it’s the only working presence detection. Thanks again!