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Devloping a new App that communicates with Life360

@MarcelT Is it possible to let a google nest mini say “Barry is almost home” when my device is moving and within a range of 500 meters?

I made a flow but the google nest reacts but says nothing.


How can I create a flow:

If phone1 and phone2 leaves the place, then active …

I have troubles with phone 1 and phone 2.

In Homey you have the option “if” and “and” but with “and” you have less options as “if”

I’m missing something.

Thanks for the help!

I got some errors in my life360 it won’t update state anyone?

Looks like you are not authorized. Do you have the correct password and username?

Yes! Never done something with the passwords!

Life360 is down? It’s not possible to connect new phone either. Timeout session 300000ms

@Tor_Erling_Julusmoen I’ve had the same and given up using this app quite a shame because it seems quite useful to me. Tried different things from rest and again nothing helped, still the same error.

This is very wierd. I am still using it for my own purpose and do not have any issue with it. It looks almost that the ipa is blocked on some locations. The problem is I cannot reproduce it. I will look again if I have some time.

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Had the same problem this is how I got it working:

  • insert username (email).
  • insert password (no specials characters).
  • save and get the mentioned error, ignore error.
  • check logs if you see the password.
  • reboot app from settings.
  • check log again, you should see a line with a Bearer token.
  • go and add the device
  • you should get a login page, after login in you will see your device(s)

Hope this helps someone :grinning:

Yeah, same here. I tried this app a year ago but struggled. Testet again, and followed @hknobbe guide, but no luck. And I don’t get the bearer token.

Maybe Life360 isn’t for me?! :joy:

I am from Sweden, I don’t know if that is a reason (Tor is from Norway, so more or less same region). However, the app itself is working nicely

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Is there a chance that this app will be available on/for homey bridge?

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Not sure. I don’t have this homey bridge so i need to invest in this and will never use it. So not sure yet.