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Devloping a new App that communicates with Life360

Tried some tricks:
-making a second acount on my phone, add it to my circle, log off, log on with primary account, still no updates. (I think because second account is logged off).
-tried to run the second account on my Homeydash tablet, only this android is to old for the life360 app.

Notifications for home works well, but are for the other places not reliable.

MarcelIT’s Life360 app doesn’t use of Life360’s notifications. So everything should still work even if you don’t get notifications from the Life360 app on your phone.

Life360 notification won’t work if you only have one phone/account; you’ll never get notifications of your own phone, you’ll only get notifications of other circle members if you enable it.

So even if you only want you use Life360 as a presence app (since Athom’s solution doesn’t work reliable) MarcelIT’s app is perfect. I’ve been using life360 for even before Marcel create his version of the app, and it has never failed me and my family/circle. We use Android and iPhones and on both Life360 is the best!

The app stops after 11 a 12 hours. There will then be error messages in the logs

do you know why? Do more people have this?

That isn’t possible. Third-party apps (and I believe even Apps that were writen by Athom themselfs) aren’t allowed to change the presence of users. So there will you’ll always need a flow for that.

What I would like is an additional single trigger for leaving/arriving, so we only need one single flow for settings a users presence. I’ve asked Marcel, but I guess he had his doubts about if that would work…

Hmmm… Strange then. I can add my phone as a homey life360 device, but I never got any data. All is showing “-”.

Do you have a suggestion?

Last entry in the log from the homey app is the device is added, yesterday at 22:47.

@KvM Hmmm, strange indeed. The fact that the last log line doesn’t show updates would indicate that the app is misbehaving. Did you already try and restart the app? Then what does the log say?

I just restarted the app. (Did already the same yesterday) and now I receive data! :slight_smile:

Log shows update every minute. Seems to be working now, let see tomorrow if my debug messages come through when I leave for work.

A few feature requests:

  • Please make the device an on/off device corresponding via the left/arrived status. That way it shows usefull information great on HomeyDash
  • Please make the device show (at least) when the device left/arrived on the device history page
  • As requested before; please add an additional trigger that triggers when a device leave or arrives
  • Please make the device integrate better with Homeydash; let it show all possible ‘capabilities’ on long pressing the device

Am not at all sure that it is even technically possible, still it would mate the app even better.

TIA, Cheers, Cacti

I wast just going to the forum to ask / suggest for the feature to make the device go on/off (white/grey) according of the status of somebody being home. So I agree with first suggestion above.

Regarding integrating with homeydash, this is not a part of this app, but homeydash should be altered, and I do not expect that to happen soon as this is a device not used by many people I suppose. But you can always ask in the homeydash topic.

To conclude, for now it seems to work with me as well and this is a very nice presence solution. Thanks!

I just added the device to homey dash, and I can already see the following capabilities:
-battery percentage
-distance to homey
-GPS accuracy

What else would you like to see? But again, this needs to be added on the homeydash side.

Yup, Homeydash does show some values now. Didn’t try affer the latest update. What I would like to see is the place someone is at, and maybe a different color for the tile when someone is moving. That would be awesome. :blush:

Regarding homeydash.com:

Numeric values are automatically shown on a device tile, no change in homeydash.com needed for that.
Showing the place someone is at is not that easily integrated.

@MarcelT if you can create a boolean capability indicating the ‘home state’ I can add it to homeydash.com. When you do, please add the same one to the Family iPhones app.

(You should be able to create a hidden capability using "uiComponent": null unfortunately it seems it’s still not documented)

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I had some trouble with setting the heimdall status when someone left. It sets the alarm on even when another device is still at home. So that does not work very well yet. I have a combination now from tge homey pressence and Life360. So when I am set away by Life360 and no one is at home (thru homey pressence) then heimdall sets the alarm status. This seems to work so far. I have also added 5 places now in life 360 and they all give a status via homey now. Awesome :grin::grin:

The question is what is the homestate? How will it be defined? Close to Homey?

Hi, I think your internet connection dropped. I will check if I can better handle the error.

I’d see the same value’s that triggers the “Device kwam binnen” flow trigger.

My life360 app on homey stops working every time. After a minute of 15 or so. A restart helps, but only for a limited time. Somebody else with the same problem? Or a possible solution?

Could you send me the logfiles? I think this has to do with internet connection…

Do you mean “Maak diagnostich rapport”?