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Devloping a new App that communicates with Life360

You might be right. I had some issues with homey being not available from time to time as well. Replaced my router yesterday, restarted the app and it is still working up until now.

However, last night it did 2 times think I was 27km from home for a short while, resulting in setting my status in homey at “away” and back home a bit later. This morning that happened again. Did anyone experience this behaviour before?

First of all what a great app. I am using it for home detection. I noticed a strange behavior that sometimes I got a notification in the timeline that my battery status is xx%.

Probably updates in the timeline for apps is set to on

There isn’t a setting for apps regarding the timeline so far as know.

Yes there is:

That’s interesting… I don’t have that option.

Hmmmmm. I run the android app

I am on IOS

Search the differences…

A notification option only shows if you ever received >1 notification of that thing, in this case “apps”.
This app itself doesn’t create notifications, so it probably falls under “flow” and you created a flow that reports if a battery level is below a certain percentage to send a notification.

Nope. I checked several times and I only use this trigger:

Solved. I found the issue. The battery monitor app reports the iPhone battery level as well since I installed the Life360 app. That caused a notification via a battery level flow.

Thanks all for the reactions.

Strange. At home for hours but the app says i am 2km away😬

I need to restart the app every day to work correctly. I is a bit buggy, hopefully the next release (beta) fix this problem.

Restart won’t help. Stays on 1.8km, but also says home…

Mmm maybe the developer can help.

I looks like there’s a new software version 1.1.7. on GitHub with a sync fix :+1:. Now we have to wait for Athom.

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Found the problem. Automatic location in the homey app is confused and set about 2km away from my home. Better now😉

Hello, i really like the idea of the app but i can’t get it to work. Do you need a premium account of Life360, and what is my username (number or emailadress)?

email address is your username