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Dimmen Zeitlich beschränken


das ist meine Flow

jetzt hätt ich gerne das es nur gedimmt wird zwischen 23.00 und 5.00 Uhr sonst eben 100 %

geht das ?

And now in Englisch please :+1:

sorry wrong section

so please translate :wink:

That’s my. Flow

now I would like it to only be dimmed between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. otherwise 100%

Is that possible ?

First of all it should be clear under which conditions it should be dimmed to 40 % or 100 %.
With the additional conditions “brightness < 8” and “after sunset” the conditions may overlap with the time (23:00 - 05:00).

But of course all conditions are possible, but then you have to create more flows.

Info: You can also ask an admin to move the post to the german section, e.g. @PhilS.