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Direct association Z-wave and Z-wave+



Is it possible to make a direct association between a Neo coolcam powerplug (zwave) and en fibaro multi sensor (zwave+)? And which group do i need to use for movement triggers?

Problem is the fibaro sensors are still really unreliable (and after several attempts I am still unable to improve this…), but the direct association may help. My next way of thinking; I use the direct associotion to switch the plug and when that happens it can trigger multiple flows. This way I think the sensors may work more stable…


I have the same problem and is looking for the same solution.


or use Search direct association


I have solved it, I mistook the “greyedout” text as not available, like in other programs. After that it was very easy, just find the id of the unit you wanted to associate in the Settings - node information. In the controlling unit settings - associations set a comma after 1 in Group 1 and the the id of the unit I want to associate.