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Disabled flow still can still be triggerd


I just upgraded to Homey V2.0. Most things still seem to work. Had to edit some flows for them to work, no big deal there.
One thing though… In Homey 1.* i used the disable / enable flow in the cards to stop some lights from switching on during the day. worked perfect.
Only after the update to Homey 2 the disabled flows still can be triggered which means that the lights keep switching on.

Am i doing something wrong in homey v2 or is this a bug.


+1 Also experience this, disabled flows still triggers

My doorlock makes a lot of noice, so when I sit up and fiddle with programming late at night (like now) I want to disable the lock/unlock actions in an easy way. Have solved this by simple flows for Unlock and Lock Door and use those flows in actions. So now I could in the old version of Homey just disable those two flows and avoid waking up my wife (which could be the end of my Homey-adventure… :slight_smile: ).

Would very much to get that “functionality” back :slight_smile: