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Do devices like this that work with Homey exist?


Do devices like this like this that work with Homey exist?



here you can see all the devices that work with homey.



I have the Teptron move. Still need to buy rechargable batteries (normal batteries die in weeks, because there is always a Bluetooth connection open) and connect the solar cell.

There is no way to control them yet through Homey. I have been thinking about sending 1 or 2 of them to Athom so they can make an app, but didn’t take time to discuss that yet.


Are they still working correctly for you? Here I have removed the move’s months ago because they are so terribly unreliable…


I have some problems with them. For one, the batteries died (and I only used them like 3 times, but it has been weeks/months).
Also my curtains aren’t completely straight so not all of them can be moved.

So no real experiences here and I am doubtful if I’m going to use them at all, or if I’m just going for a more expensive solution (like Somfy)


Tried to get them working normal via their own mobile-app, they keep living their own live, going sometimes up and down on their own, even after re-installing the firmware, on questions they don’t answer and the Z-Wave version (MOVEZ) stil not exists. Bad charging batteries from solar panels. In short, I don’t recommend Move.