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Does Homey have a capability for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)


I am playing with a CCS811 gas sensor (cjmcu-811) and can’t seem to find a capability for VOCs?
Are there any other alternatives for registration?


Hi Marlon,

Your post has been moved to ‘developers’ as this is the most likely place you will get an answer about adding device capabilities.

You can see the full list of capabilities here :


Or you can checkout creating your own capabilities here :



It did take a while but I found it. The capability is called PM2.5 “Atmosperic particulate matter” and can be set using “measure_pm25”


Those aren’t the same, though: PM2.5 applies to very fine dust(-ish) particles, whereas VOC applies to organic chemicals (things like solvents).


Ok thanks for the info.


There’s this new sensor that has
Air pollution detector (TVOC, CO2)

Perhaps someone would write an app to support it.