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Dome Home Automation Motion Detector?



Hey:) I’m pretty new to Homey, and I’m looking for motion sensors. I’ve tried the Aeotech 6, but the blinking green light when it detects motion annoys me.

This one looks pretty sweet, but I’m unsure if it will work with Homey. Anyone who has used it?



Looks like a re-branded Neo Coolcam

You could try to use the neo coolcam app (if they didnt change id`s ect) otherwise you need a app for it, wich you could make yourself (if having the skils) or make a requst here


This is configurable but requires device firmware v1.8:

Dome Home Automation Motion Detector

Thanks! In which case I can just get that in stead:)


That’s a remarketed neo coolcam.

But it’s a great device and you can turn of the detection light

But Before you can use it I have to add the ids to the neo app since it’s a neo please send me the ids device manufacturer etc that you find in settings aka the gear box once it’s added as generic device .

The siren that dome offers is already added to the neo app

Dome Home Automation Motion Detector