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Domoticz app

Thank you Jeroen for this Domoticz app on the homey, do you know when the “Lighting 1” switch will be supported , This is a “dummy” switch created by hand, but not seen with the import to homey.

Creating the virtual device in the hardware section instead of the switch selection in Domoticz, did create the virtual device as “switch” instead of “Lighting 1”, now I was able to import this virtual switch into Homey. Thank for the use of your app.

@ Jeroen_Somhorst
I just got my Homey today and installed your domoticz app.
On my synology i have domoticz running, a P1 smart meter cable is connected. In Domoticz i can see the current usage and the “Meterstanden”

Homey connects to my domoticz and sees the device, i can add Current usage and “Meterstanden”.
Unfortunatly it displays no values :frowning:

What am i doing wrong ?

From my synology server:

Does it still show no values? Or did it after a while?

Still does not show any values

I removed and installed the app a few times and added and removed the P1 Meter device (2 devices / Stroom & Meterstanden)

I tried installling only 1 of these (Meterstanden) and then the info was shown in Homey, when i added the other (Stroom) the information from the devices were gone. (Both meters were shown in Homey, but without info)
I had to uninstall the devices and the app again and start over.

Once again installing the app and only adding the Meterstanden, the info was shown.

Could you tell me where you put your value codes for the decimal point ?

I have the same issue. After updating to Homey 4.0.0 it doesn’t sync anymore. Domoticz on the Raspberry is still up and running.

It works for me, but only if i only add the Meterstanden device (then one with all the info)

Downloaded the project from Github and changed the next lines in device.js

                if(data.hasOwnProperty("Data") && (data.Data !== null && data.Data!=="")){
                    value = (DomoticzDevice.getMeterValue(data.Data,"T1"))/1000;
                if(data.hasOwnProperty("Data") && (data.Data !== null && data.Data!=="")){
                    value = (DomoticzDevice.getMeterValue(data.Data,"T2"))/1000;

Then start the App by CLI

Please ignore my previous comment -> a Homey restart fixed the issue :laughing:

Ok, thanks…i will leave it as it is for the moment. Maybe a project for the future :smile:

I installed the app. Thank you for the app.
It functions good until I change the set point for a thermostat.
When I change the set point, I get a message, the app stopped working.
And the thermostat set point is constantly changing from 19 to 21 to 20 and so on.
Also in domoticz I can see it is changing.
Do you know what might be the problem?

Hi all,
After updating domoticz to version 2020.1, nothing works in Homey anymore, I have lost my sensors.
Do more people have this problem?

Did you restart the app/homey?

Yes even uninstall and reinstall the domoticz application.

After installation, the hosname, port, username and password of the admin of the domoticz but I don’t see any sensors appear in the box below.
I can only save and back

Haven’t updated my domoticz yet so haven’t got time to check it. Maybe this weekend

never seen devices in this box but are they also not visible in Homey Devices?

I completely reinstalled my PI and domoticz and now I have my sensors visible again in Homey.