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Domoticz app



I think so. I don’t have 2.0 installed yet.


Hi Jeroen, i’m running 2.0.0 on Homey with the domoticz app whitout any problems.
I did need to restart the app on homey to get it work or restart of the whole homey.


Hi Jeroen, do you have any plans for adding trigger, conditon and action card to your app?


There are not yet concrete plans for it. But if you have any idea’s. Let me know


I would like to have an action and condition card for added devices with your Domoticz app.
For example:
IF device 1 is on/off card
AND device 1 is on/off card


Strange thing is that for default capabilities homey automatically adds these cards per device. So if I have a switch here that can be turned on/off I already have the cards available.

For what device do you want it?


Hi Mickel, hoe installeer je die domoticz app op de homey? staat niet in de appstore? (sorry ben hier net voor het eerst)


Hi Bol,

this topic is in the english part of the forum so we prefer to keep it in english. You can install the app using athom cli. But if you don’t know how to do it I guess you need to wait a bit longer. I still have to fix certain issues before I can release it in the app store.


HI Jeroen ,
ok no problem… i iwait until it is in app store


I just submitted the (beta) app to the store. Lets see how long it takes :slight_smile:


Nice I will try. Would like to inlude my P1 in homey


Its in the app store: https://apps.athom.com/app/eu.jeroensomhorst.domoticz


Do I have to uninstall the beta app (CLI) first?


I think that that is the best.


Be aware that the version (0.6) currently in the app store does have a bug that can cause timeouts. This is because in that version I don’t filter out unused devices when pairing. This leads to some major traffic between domoticz / homey with timouts as a result


oké Jeroen , ik krijg hier een time-out melding . kan ik dit oplossen met andere instellingen bij domoticz of is het wachten tot een nieuwe upgrade ?
Alvast bedankt voor het ontwikkelen van deze Domoticz-app
Grt’s …Victor


As we are in the English part of the forums , plz stick to English.


As already stated please keep it english. A timeout can be caused by to many devices (I still need to fix that ;)) that need to be retrieved or just by a connection timeout. My guess is that its the first. I just published version 0.7 of the app that solves a issue with the app wanting to import all devices even if they are not used.

Could you send me a PM so I can help further in Dutch if you prefer it?


Hi Jeroen, great initiative!

Two minor remarks about spelling and centering of text:

Also, was wondering if you’re planning to add cumulative meters?


Hi Pascal,

this is strange. I would expect that the first would be called powe and the lather would be called consumption (or something similar). These are default capabilities provided by Athom so I can’t do anything about it myself without introducing my own capabilities but I rather not do this because then it would be exactly the same (apart from spelling).

What do you mean by cumulative meters? The right ‘power’ meter is the total usage, in kwh for the current day. The Gas is the same.