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Domoticz app

Great. Thanks for testing. Well I still need to do some work then I assume. Lets see if I can find some time the coming weeks for this.

No worries mate! Take your time!

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Jeroen. I can’t seem to connect. I am unable to save settings. Both beta as Standard homey version 2.5.2. Please help, already try’d a CLI install but still no response.

Very nice, Good work !!

One thing, I dont get this Unit to show up in Homey
Am I doing something wrong ?

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Dit the CLI install and that works Jeroen!
I have only a few devices, and all showed up. Tested briefly, the Yeelight bulp does show up, but is not controllable. It times out.

95% oké!

to you all: Please send me a PM with the output of the json domoticz generates at the following url:

so I can take a look at why it happens

I will look into this. I have to make a better error handling. I received lots of unauthorized messages lately and I think they are from your installation…

@Jeroen_Somhorst sent you a PM :slight_smile:

@Jeroen_Somhorst will the domoticz app get a modification for homey 3.0?

I will update the app so it can be installed on 3.0. When 3.0 will hit stable and my Homey is updated I will probably try to fix issues that are related to 3.0 (if any)

this part is done, next step? (no pressure meaned :wink:

@Jeroen_Somhorst have you have time to check if you can get device "Lightning 1 ARC " to work with Homey ?

@Kalle_Kronbeck I just submitted version 1.6 in the beta channel of the app. That should add basic support for this device. Also it should fix a little issue when connecting to domoticz and credentials are wrong.

@JPe4619 I just checked the developer changelog and from what I’ve read is that it should already be able to install on 3.0 devices. The only thing that it does not do yet is fully support the new energy functionality. But on the other hand. If you have a P1 device it should already do some basic energy stuff.


Big thanks !! @Jeroen_Somhorst

Thanks @Jeroen_Somhorst , works great, the only thing what I’m missing is the decimal point in the T1 and T2 display’s, in the Gas display, the decimal point is shown as it should be.

Can somebody tell me how to install beta releases nowdays with the new “appstore” ??

Hello! I was not aware of this app, but it sounds great! Maybe a stupid question but I would like to know:

Zigbee on homey is a pain in the ass as it is right now… My idea: buy a raspebery pi, a zigbee dongle, flash domoticz, add all my xiaomi/aqara zigbee devices to domoticz and using them with this app on homey.

Is it really working that straight forward? That would be THE solution for my zigbee problems…

2 other questions:

  1. will there be a delay using it this way compared to adding devices directly to homey?
  2. How do I add my domoticz to this app. Just by entering the IP address?

You should be able to specify ip and credentials and then you can import decides. And yes there will be a slight delay

Allright thanks. Can you tell me a bit more about the delay please? What should I expect?

And are motion and contact (door/window) sensors also supported?

I can’t give you an idea on the delay because I don’t have any devices other then my P1 which doesnt need any control options. Motion sensors and such are not yet supported as far as I know. But I could try to do so in a future release

Aaaah allright. Too bad. Than I have to look for another solution. This was to good to be true. :rofl:

Thanks anyway!

value = (DomoticzDevice.getMeterValue(data.Data,“T1”))/1000;
value = (DomoticzDevice.getMeterValue(data.Data,“T2”))/1000;

This solves it for me but maybe there is a better solution?.
@Jeroen_Somhorst can this be included in the next version?