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Domoticz app

Aaaah allright. Too bad. Than I have to look for another solution. This was to good to be true. :rofl:

Thanks anyway!

value = (DomoticzDevice.getMeterValue(data.Data,“T1”))/1000;
value = (DomoticzDevice.getMeterValue(data.Data,“T2”))/1000;

This solves it for me but maybe there is a better solution?.
@Jeroen_Somhorst can this be included in the next version?

This is indeed an option to do it this way. I still have to check if I can do it another ‘better’ way since the kwh values are also , automaticaly, done correctly.

When I have to the time I will add this patch for the time being

Inside Domoticz, the value for Gas already has a decimal point also for the Voltage, but the Energy totals don’t have a decimal point.
Anyway, thanks for the good work!