DoorBird App



v2.2.5 - 2018-11-06

FIX: fix issue with pairing wizard preventing new DoorBirds to be added to Homey


Works again. Thank you. Also ask to open works from Homey perfectly. Cheers.
Although now when the relay is triggered (either relay or 2), this also is triggering a flow that is supposed to work only when the doorbird rings. Now every time I unlock the relay, Homey is asking me if I want to open the lock (again).


I’m pretty sure you have misconfigured the notifications in the Doorbird app. Please check this and follow the instructions in the app store description if needed.


It works like a charm now.
Set-it up with a simple flow in about 5 minutes.

Thanks a lot! (Now looking for the perfect chime :wink: )


Hi, i have set the notifications again and even re-added the Doorbird. Same result.
Any trigger of the relays, whether via Homey, or Doorbird app or RFID reader, will trigger the my flow that is supposed to start only when Bell is pressed.
Any ideas?


Could you post screenshots from your DoorBird smartphone app from the HTTP calls admin screen (administration > http calls) and the relays schedule screen (administration > relays > schedule).


Just wanted to say thank you for the app. I’ve configured a flow to cast a video of the front door DoorBird to my TV’s on doorbell trigger. It really simplifies checking who is there as TV is usually on all the times on multiple locations around the house.

Thumbs up for the app.