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I have a problem with a flow,
if there is a bell, the flow does not work.
If I do the flow start on the phone, he will.
In version 1.0 it worked in version 2.0, it did not work,
am I doing something wrong of is it still the beta of 2.0




I’m not sure, I’m still on 1.x and don’t plan to upgrade any time soon. The issue you are describing would mean the notifications from the bell are not send or not accepted by Homey. I do know there is or was an issue with flow triggering, perhaps that is the case here as well. You could check the installation steps again and if all looks good and it still does not work when 2.x goes to stable I’ll have a look at it.



Just wanted to comment about V2.0. I have a flow to send stream to chromecast on doorbell ring. Yesterday I’ve switched to 2.0, all working still like it was before. I do not have anything other then this so I can tell only for above mentioned actions and notification.

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I have the same problem as Ronald. Just installed a Doorbird and installed it on Homey (v2.0.4). Triggers are there in the doorbird app under HTTP Calls, activated 3D motion and added schedule for all triggers as described in the instructions.

But when I make a simple flow to test it; if=doorbell rings then=send notifcation (like:“Someone at the door”) it doesn’t work. Same for the motion trigger.
Is this a known issue on Homey 2.x?

@Ronald: Did you find out how to fix this?



If you copy the HTTP call url which was added in the DoorBird app and you open it through the browser. Does it than trigger the flow?



When i copy the url in the browser is shows “ok”.



That suggests the flow card is triggered correctly. Are you sure you have the flow set up correctly and the flow is active?



I removed and added the flow again and rebooted the Doorbird. Doorbell trigger works now, but Homey seems to trigger it by itself now and then? When you ring the doorbell Homey speech card is run twice quickly. Like: “Someone at the door someone at the door”, then about a minute later it does it again.
Any idea what might cause this?

Another strange thing is that the motion trigger is also triggering the doorbell ring flow?



Think I figured out the last question. You cannot seem to schedule the motion trigger to the motion http call since he says it is already in use by the doorbell http call



Have you selected the right HTTP call when you try to setup the schedule for motion trigger? Make sure to select the doorbell HTTP call under doorbell schedule and motion HTTP call under motion schedule.

The double triggering is something I can not explain. Do you perhaps have the motion schedule event setup to trigger the doorbell HTTP call?



But the problem is I cannot seem to do this, I select the schedule for the doorbell trigger and when I then go to the motion schedule and select the HTTP Call motion the Doorbird app says the schedule is “Occupied by Homey Doorbell Trigger” (see picture).



Then you first have to select the Homey Doorbell Trigger there and clear the schedule (make white). It will then become available to fill with the motion http call (make blue).



Thanks! it works now…
Also found the double trigger on doorbell press, seemed the schedule for relay was on, for the doorbell http call as well.
Thanks for your help, very happy with the integration!




I used your example but it does not work op my tv.
There is something happening op the chrome-cast but no video.
When opening the link in a browser there is video from the doorbird.
Can you see wat is wrong?




@cautje Try to cast a web site not a video. It should work. Video didn’t work also for me.



Is there a way to trigger the doorbird app (someone pushed button) through homey?

Why? Trying to find a way to use existing contact button/simple doorbell together with the ds101 without opening the doorbird and loose warrenty



Could you explain a bit more, I don’t understand what you want to happen.



When someone pushes the button on the doorbird DS101 doorbell it activates the Doorbird app.
I would like to have the same situation when someone presses a good old simple doorbell that’s already there. The DS101 does not support an extra button.



Should be possible within the doorbird app?

Supported Cards

  • [TRIGGER] Doorbell rang
  • [TRIGGER] Motion detected
  • [TRIGGER] Door opened


So if someone pushes the old doorbell, homey get’s a trigger and triggers doorbell?