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I do not know what you’re talking about in regard to HTTP calls. Link to instructions?


There is no schedule option. I am using the relay controller as I wrote earlier. For the built in relays which I’m not using there isn’t an HTTP call option under schedule. See screenshots attached.

There does not seem to be any api documentation for the door controller so there is no way for me to build support for it.

Hi, I have a Doorbird D101 connected to my Homey. I only have trouble creating a good flow for it to work.

I like to show me a picture of the the camera on doorbell pressed.

So I made a card triggered on button-pressed with action to send the related snapshot to my mobile. All good one would say. Only thing is the flow is triggered on every motion detected.

On the device info tab I see messages about generic alarms go on and off.

Running Homey firmware 3.0.0 and app version 2.4.3.

Any suggestions on getting this to work?

You have misconfigured the notifications HTTP call in the DoorBird app. Please review the installation steps one by one (they are in the app store description) and make sure you set the motion trigger HTTP call in the motion schedule and the doorbell trigger HTTP call in the doorbell schedule.

Confirmed. Schedule was setup wrong. All working fine now. Thanks!