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Dyson control doesn't respond (but no error either)

In the book every day a new problem, this day: Dyson. My Dyson Cool doesn’t respond to the commands I sent from the Homey app. When I tried to repair the device, logged back in, it worked until it didn’t work again.
From the Dyson app it does work, so it’s connected. It just seems that the Dyson app is once again broken!?

Anybody else got issues? Or better: tips? :slight_smile:

Never got it working with the Dyson app. Eventually got it working, but not a nice way though. Harmony app was able to ad my Dyson, but on/off didn’t work. So i added a smart plug. It works, but not the easiest way.

Some weeks ago, Dyson changed the API as they intoduced 2FA. The HomeAssistant integration stopped working, too.
Some new forks were created to get it working.
The solution until this week was, to open the Dyson app for forcing Login and then restart HomeAssistant. But this is not working anymore.

Perhaps that’s the problem with the Homey app, too.
In that case, the developer should check if the 2FA could get to work. I’m not sure if it’s possible because the Dyson API is not open and only implemented on bas of reverse engineering (so far my knowledge about it).

With the introduction of 2FA, i restart the dyson-app once a night. So ist works without problems. Missing Options like Night-Mode and the full integration of Dyson Humidify+Cool.

Restarting apps every night seems like a typical homey solution. Probably we should report this Athom, as they are the developers of that app.
I feel that I have had it with the lame support of all the homey apps. Every week there is something not working here…

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Have had an Issue with Athom-Support for Dyson-App through 2FA. Will make a Follow-Ticket.

All other Apps on Homey running during the last weeks fine.