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Easy way to display temperature

I have 5 Aqara temperature sensors. The main problem is that I need to grab my phone and check the temperature in t
he specific room.
Is there some easy way to display the temperature from Aqara sensors? I want 5 displays in rooms where will be the data visible from each room.


https://my.homey.app/ on a tablet?

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That will be very expensive because I will need 5 tablets for each room. I would like to see temperature on the displays in each room. Example: I have in the bedroom 1xAqara temperature sensor and I want display in bedroom which shows this temperature. I have in the living room also 1x Aqara and also I want to see this temperature on the display in living room.

Since you already use Aqara:


LaMetric Time



Great device, but also not cheap.

That’s too expensive. But Yes it’s a way.

I am thinking about homeyduino. I found this Homeyduino display but there isn’t a detailed tutorial. It looks cheap and functional.

@Thomas_Buran Ask @rindler the information you need in the post you mentioned, most info is already there. ESP8266 can easy be flashed by Arduino IDE on a PC, there is a learning curve but it is fun to do.

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I think the cheapest option is, you’d just buy other sensors, like this f.i. (Xiaomi Bluetooth)

Or this (Tuya zigbee)

Is this https://a.aliexpress.com/_mMUhPvN supported by Homey?

You can search for supported devices here:

And here:

Not supported, so it’s not the cheapest option.

So guys I made a decision. I bought LOLIN D1 Mini V3.1.0 - WEMOS WIFI Internet of Things Board based ESP8266 and TFT 2.4 Touch Shield V1.0.0 for LOLIN (WEMOS) D1 mini 2.4" inch 320X240 SPI Touch Screen. I already have 3D printer so I should print some sexy box :smiley: …I still don’t have a solution for power source (batteries or some adapter) but that’s problem of my future myself. :love_you_gesture:

Forgot to mention M5STACK CORE 2, based ESP32, small touch display, housing, a.s.o.