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Ecovacs - Deebot

Just wondering if any one has an Ecovac Deebot

I’m creating an app to control your robot vacuum from Homey and am just looking for some people to help test.



I also have ecovac vaccum cleaner, hopefully there is an app soon!

Hey, that sounds just great!
I got an Ecovacz Deebot 950. :slight_smile:

I would really appreciate that, I have a deebot slim 10 would love to add it to homey

Just curious on if your making progress with the App?
As the new ECOVACS App from the iOS App Store requires online registration…

Hey, sorry while it is on the list of things to create there was not enough interest to warrant the investment of time, at this stage.

Hey Jamie;
Theres definitely no reason for a dev to say sorry at all! I highly appreciate all the effort you guys do all the time as w/o such heroes Homey could not exist! :muscle:t2:

I’d like to suggest to have dedicated Threads w/ survey function plus kinda fundraiser function; where developers can ask for how many people would want to have an App and ensure quite an amount of money for that beforehand.

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