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Ecovacs - Deebot

Hey Jamie, I was wondering. Are you stil working on an app to control a Deebot robto vacuum? Thank you

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i am also interested

same for me :slight_smile:

I guess it’s not coming :frowning:

Still on the todo list, but my time has been spent on the The Alexa App during which time I figured out how to control devices attached to alexa, so I may conitnue down that route. Though the ecovac alexa app is more like a scene.

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Oh wow I really hope that it will be there in the future would be great to control it with homey!

Is there any update for a deebot app?


I am interested as well. Own 2 Deebots: R95 (mk II) and an OZMO 900 Series

Hello Jamie. I would also be very interested in this app. Use a Deboot 950

@Jamie is there any progress on this? maybe is someone else interessted in making an app? i have it working nog on home assitant. i would really like it to have it working in homey

i am willing to test when this would help

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