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Ecovacs - Deebot

Oh bummer! Hope you can bring it online again.

Hi. I have an Ecovacs Deebot T8 Aivi, but it’s a chinese version! I have no success to use your Homey Ecovacs app.

I guess the server of the API is different…

Is there a way to specify the Country code before to log in your Ecovacs app ?

Or could you please add a selectbox to choose the version (Global or Chinese version) ?

CH: msg.ecouser.net
TW, MY, JP, SG, TH, HK, IN, KR: msg-as.ecouser.net
US: msg-na.ecouser.net
FR, ES, UK, NO, MX, DE, PT, CH, AU, IT, NL, SE, BE, DK: msg-eu.ecouser.net
Any other country: msg-ww.ecouser.net

Source : sucks/protocol.md at master · wpietri/sucks · GitHub

Using v0.7.0 of this great app and every once in a while the app loses connection to the Ecovacs Deepbot (T8+ Pro). Using the Mainenance option (Reinitialize API) seems to do the job to get it back to work. Is this something that could be done automatically every few days or so?

Great app using with T8 no problems except the still mentioned issue from riesm. The app loses connection, with restarting the app everything works fine again.

Haven’t noticed this. But I do have my homey restart automatically at night.