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Hi. I have an Ecovacs Deebot T8 Aivi, but it’s a chinese version! I have no success to use your Homey Ecovacs app.

I guess the server of the API is different…

Is there a way to specify the Country code before to log in your Ecovacs app ?

Or could you please add a selectbox to choose the version (Global or Chinese version) ?

CH: msg.ecouser.net
TW, MY, JP, SG, TH, HK, IN, KR: msg-as.ecouser.net
US: msg-na.ecouser.net
FR, ES, UK, NO, MX, DE, PT, CH, AU, IT, NL, SE, BE, DK: msg-eu.ecouser.net
Any other country: msg-ww.ecouser.net

Source : sucks/protocol.md at master · wpietri/sucks · GitHub

Using v0.7.0 of this great app and every once in a while the app loses connection to the Ecovacs Deepbot (T8+ Pro). Using the Mainenance option (Reinitialize API) seems to do the job to get it back to work. Is this something that could be done automatically every few days or so?

Great app using with T8 no problems except the still mentioned issue from riesm. The app loses connection, with restarting the app everything works fine again.

Haven’t noticed this. But I do have my homey restart automatically at night.

Hi @Jamie

In have a deebot T9+ and simply love it!

Would it be possible to add the option to auto empty the dustbin through a homey command?

I often run the vacuum at night when the last person goes to sleep. Cause it’s quite silent you barely notice it,though scrubbing does make some noise of course. But when it returns to auto empty, everyone sits straight up in bed :sweat_smile:

It has the option to not automatically empty after it returns to dock,and then the next morning or wehn I leave home I can do this manually.

Would be great to have homey send the command when the last person leaves the house.

Didn’t you install the ‘ShutMyDeviceUp’ app yet? :beers::sweat_smile:

@Peter_Kawa i’m quite maxing out for how far apps go ont he homey :sweat_smile:

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How’s it going with getting the pro? :blush:

Would be great if there was a flow that could turn on the light when entering an area. Aivi isn’t good at avoiding obstacles when it’s dark. So for example, deebot entered bedroom, turn lights to 100%.
Then when deebot left area. Turn off lights

Great idee! But turning thee lights to 100 in the bedroom is even worse than auto emptying at night :rofl:

The pro isn’t yet an option for me. Cause money and WAF.

The pro question was for the creator. And the flow for lights on off was a suggestion to the creator. My deebot is only on when we leave the house. So no issues with the auto emptying. Also all lights are off when we leave.

Last person left house, turn on deebot. No complaints of noise :grin:

What is the app called. I can’t find it

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Thanx :slight_smile:

The language select upon login is a feature I’m implementing soon - expect a new (test) release in the coming weeks.

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Good idea ; I’ve noticed the same behaviour and have had to refresh authentication every few days (even though the refresh token should still have been valid).

I’ll see about having it refresh auth every 24 hours or so.

An empty action is something I needed myself as well, and is definitely on my to do list.
Should be implemented before the app goes live somewhere in the coming weeks.

I’ll implement the action first, changing settings (like auto empty on/off) is on the roadmap as well.