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Elgato StreamDeck Integration

Elgato StreamDeck Integration

Turns your StreamDeck into a Homey control dashboard.
App Store: Elgato StreamDeck Integration
Frequently Asked Questions
Change Log

Supported Languages

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Elgato StreamDeck meet Homey

Got an Elgato StreamDeck? Then let Homey meet StreamDeck! StreamDeck can now control anything your Homey can control.

How does this work?

The StreamDeck cannot be recognized as a device directly as it requires to be connected to computer. This app provides the service layer only. To make it work, you also need to install the StreamDeck plugin. The plugin for the StreamDeck is available through the Plugin Store of the StreamDeck.

Supported Device Features

  • Toggle device on/off
  • Toggle a device’s switch
  • Press any button of a device
  • Display any data of a device (one per StreamDeck button)
  • Fire A Trigger

The Display Data Action In Detail

This action is implemented as a toggle on StreamDeck. However, pressing the button merily is ignored and the state is reset automatically on the next update cycle.
I chose to implement is a toggle so you can configure custom icons for boolean data.

Condition Setting

The condition setting enables you to implement different images for non boolean data.

Numeric Values

If you enter a numeric value the on state of the button will be set if the value is greater than what you entered in the condition.
Preceeding the condition with a ‘=’ character will change the check to match the exact value.

Enum and String Values

If you enter a text value the on state of the button will be set if the value contains the given text. This check is case sensitive.
Preceeding the condition with a ‘=’ character will change the check to match the exact text value.

Boolean Values

The condition is ignored for boolean values as those already provide the on/off info directly.

Automatic Line Break

The automatic line break setting is especially for text values. It will try to insert a line break at the closest whitespace character given by the setting’s value.


This app adds a “A Trigger was received from StreamDeck” trigger card.
You can set up a ‘Fire A Trigger’ button in StreamDeck and give it a trigger name.
With this trigger name you can now start flows using this trigger card. Just enter the name of the trigger into the card and done.
Optionally you can also enter a payload for the trigger. The payload can be text, a number or true/false. The payload will be available as tokens within the flow.


  1. Install this app
  2. Install the StreamDeck plugin
  3. Set up your access key in this app’s settings page
  4. Add the Homey address and your access key from the Homey app’s settings page to your plugin’s action properties.
  5. Have fun with StreamDeck

Some Examples to give you an idea

Media Center


Room Control


Home Observation


Sensor Data


Heating & Climate


Feedback & Questions

If you have any feedback or suggestions please feel free to message me directly or use the support email given for the app.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use my own icons?
A:: Yes. All features support the usual custom icon override.

Q: I added a value but the button is black with text only.
A: Naturally. I added plenty icons for Homey’s default capabillities. So anything custom will most likely not show an icon automatically. Feel free to set your favorite icon instead.

Q: The device list stays empty after adding an action in the StreamDeck.
A:: This means that you have not set up the connection properly. Make sure you Homey hostname and the access key for the app on Homey are set up correctly.

Q: Can I use multiple Homeys?
A:: Yes. The Homey hostname and access key is cached so you do not need to enter it all the time when adding things. But they are stored per action. So you can address a different Homey for every action.

Change Log

Homey App - v1.0.2

  • Maintenance only. No functional changes.

StreamDeck Plugin - v1.2.0

  • Fixed: Issue where percentage values are not showing correctly
  • Added: The default mute capability toggle now shows the volume level if available

Homey App - v1.0.1

  • Initial Release

StreamDeck Plugin - v1.1.3

  • Initial Release

Am happy to announce the release of this app. Please keep in mind you need to install the app and the plugin from the Elgato StreamDeck plugin store.


How do one find the Homey access key? And is the Homey adress the ip-adress.

@Nicolai_E The Homey address is shown (IP works too) in the Homey App’s Settings.
There you can also set the access key to your liking.

Awesome work. Exactly what I was looking for. Till now I used webhooks to trigger Flows who will switch my devices on/off but this App is far superior to my solution.
I would be happy to support you with a small PayPal donation if you want.

Do you also have any plans for new function etc.?

@rvst1 Thanks a lot. Glad you like it. PayPal link is on the App Store page in this info section if you want to buy me a beer :smiley:

At the moment I only have few rough ideas for possible improvements. Are you missing anything in specific, what you would like it be able to do?