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ELKO Smart

@Gjonte, did you resolve this?

My 316GLEDs was on/off in stability for a while, so I updated to v7 in the hopes of fixing it. After that, every 316GLED have been unreachable, just like yours. I’m having a hard time trying to reset the dimmers, as all the automations would have to be redone as well. Same for my HomeKit setup.

Really hoping there is a solution soon.

Also on channel 11 on the zigbee network.

I have the exact same problem, running latest 7.1.3. The signals are good, and it’s easy to pair new ESH Super TR Thermostat RF, but every time Homey is booting, most of the Elko devices looses the connection, but you can interview them and get the correct answer. Exactly the same units in the same network worked fine with SmartThings, so I don’t think there is any bugs in the Elko units. I’m running the latest ReleaseCandidate now, but the problem was there from the beginning. Anyone knows how to solve this? Rebooting the app does not fiks the problem, I’m running on channel 14 now.

I have a Homey Pro on the way in the mail, but have only one Elko Smart device at the moment. The SmartSolskjerming Bryter. Is this supported today, or any plans to support it?


Not supported at the moment….but hoping

I have the same problem in v1.0.7, rebooting the app helps but I have to do it several times, and the radio signals are excellent! I had the same network with about 70 devices running on Smarthings for two years without any problems. Is it possible to fix this issue?