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EMail: Trigger flows based on incoming emails

Hey Peter, still working on it … when I have some time.
Every time I ad a TAG the flow is going automatically to state 2.

That is how it works, and there’s not something wrong. As I wrote earlier, the value of the tag is supplied / can be supplied by the trigger card.
While that value isn’t there while you push the test button, you can’t test the flow without interaction.
But you can test the flow with the test button when the flow itself is on screen, and press the test button below on your right. Then you’ll be asked to enter ‘a’ value of the variable / tag, just so the flow can run.
Hope this is of any help

Hello Peter,
Finally it’s stable! thx for your patient.

The solution is to work with my gmail account, before I was testing with my Telenet provider / account, and that dind’t always work.

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