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I plan to buy homey. Currently I have Zipato and now bought a new house. Since Zipato is not offering a homekit solution, I plan to Switch to Homey. But some sensors/Switches are from Enocean. Is there any possability to use Enocean with homey?


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did you search the forum?

Welcome weissertigerXL.
I have an Enocean USB device plugged into a Somfy Tahoma. I know this supports the window handles from Hoppe but not sure what else. I have added support to the Tahoma app for but not yet provided that to the app developer.
I don’t know If that is of any use to you?

If you are interested in this route then you let me know what devices you have I will try to investigate that a bit more.

Hi sorry for delay. Are currently working at renovation of the house :slight_smile:

I am currently interesting in the hope handle and Jung wall controller/switches (which exist for zugebe and eneocean. And due to replacing of batteries etc. I find enocean Coll as well as for electro smog.

My favorite is homey… or homey (they support enoceon but it seems homey is better :-))

As well I need Apple HomeKit support.