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ESP Easy

I don’t support lux devices yet. You can find out what plugins are supported and how you can help to get support for more devices here: Supported devices · Joolee/nl.joolee.homey.espeasy Wiki · GitHub

Unfortunately, I’m currently remodeling my house and don’t exactly have an office to program in. Using my phone for the past few weeks :sweat_smile:

Thank you!

Good look with remodelling your house :slight_smile:

I’ll have a look how I can help.

Really liking the idea of this app! Easier to use than Homeyduino imo.
I’ve tried pairing a device and played around some with it and it works great.
“Unfortunately” I ended up having to use ESPHome (I really don’t like YAML! :joy:) through Home Assistant and then in to Homey because I couldn’t figure out a way to copy raw IR signals and then playing them back with ESPEasy.
If copying raw IR with ESPEasy and using with Homey could be achieved it would be an amazing and cheap alternative to Broadlink!