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Ethernet (LAN) Adapter

I filled the form as well :wink:
(safety reasons)

Really hope this is something that they will take serious if they come out with a new model. This is the reason why I don`t put a homey in my Cabin that is in another country, just another thing that can go wrong when far away.

9992 to go

Also sent the feature request form. 9991 to go. :nerd_face:

Sent another feature request. 990 to go. Thanks

Nope. 9990

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And 990 also was close… I started with a hypothetical 1000 and nobody noticed in 12 months they started countdown from 9997…
I also stated 1000 extra Homeys WITHIN THE NEXT TWO MONTHS.
So I guess we are getting somewhere. … already 22 users reacted in 18 months.

Athom didn’t have to do anything and they know enough. Thanks!

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:slight_smile: I agree, even regardless of #users; the whole point of homey is to go wireless. The Ethernet adapter will never happen.

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If Athom reads any of the wifi dropout topics, they should know this is urgent. Homey only accepts the 2.4GHz band, and that is way to crowded in urban areas. Many channels are utterly useless in my area, and everyone then goes to the few channels that seem to work a bit. I suspect wireless security systems are drowning out most other channels. If I force my router on those, wifi drops out about every 10 secs. And that is not just for one brand of access point. This is an example from Amsterdam:

The SoC’s/SoM’s Athom uses are 2.4Ghz only, so they can’t do a simple upgrade to 5Ghz WiFi (the upcoming “Homey Bridge” is also limited to 2.4Ghz). Technically it should be possible to add ethernet support, but that would require a redesign of the outer shell.

Afaik the original SOM was 2.4 Ghz only but the latest revision could be used with 5Ghz.
It is just more that need to be done than only the chipset.
With the average traphic a Homey needs I think it is not high on the priority for Athom.
The number of SSIDs should not be the issue, network load could be…

A USB otg cable with usb to Ethernet adapter could be a pretty simple hack if Athom enabled the drivers in the firmware kernel.

I can’t find any references to the MicroSOM supporting 5Ghz, Solidrun states that their products only support 2.4Ghz. The modules do support ethernet out of the box, although it probably requires installing the required magnetics.

The number of SSID’s is only not an issue if all the other transceivers on the same channel aren’t doing anything, which isn’t realistic. The number of available channels on 2.4Ghz is limited and especially in populated areas you will have so many different networks that interference can be a real thing (and Homey seems to be particularly sensitive to it).

They could support an usb ethernet dongle. I have them on my Chromecasts too, although they have the wrong USB connector and not enough Amps. Would be nice if they combined the two in a reliable adapter :wink: