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Yes! The always on switch does work :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Thanks for taking care of this!

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@MrBlue nice!, hehe it was a small request with quite some impact. At least the test group isn’t that big so that a good thing :smiley:

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I got an other question. i’ve got 2 iPhones. when i press on the doorbell i am casting a picture to my google nest hub. and i push them to my iPhones. on my iPhone 12 there is an image. on my iPhone xs there is a broken image. what am i doing wrong? the both iPhones are in the same flow.

Sorry if this question came up earlier but with the search button i couldn’t find any answers.

Thanks in advance and also thanks for you good work :wink:

Hi @Michael_de_Blieck ,
Oh that’s sounds weird.
Can you share your flow?

sure. https://homey.app/f/lQ-Lgv

I unregistered and registered again. I now only see one device so no more drop down menu.

My doorbell flow still fires twice when I press it.

When I login I see my external ip-adres in the eufy config. I manually change it to my local ip and press save. Might the app listen to both ip’s?

@2Be No it’s not that it’s listening twice. Can you try an extra account ?

@Michael_de_Blieck Hmm, if the image works on the hub and on your phone it looks like it’s phone related instead of app related

@martijnpoppen I will change the accounts of homey on the devices. perhaps there is something wrong in that. Thanks anyway for thinking with me :wink:

I have a few new features i would like to see implemented about the modes:

  • In the Android app it’s possible to add additional modes besides: armed, home, away, scheduled. But in the homey app it’s only possible to select the intial modes.
  • Is it possible to move the general settings to a Home Base device. Modes are not specific for the doorbell/camera but more general actions.

Hi @MrFloppy ,

  1. Yes this is on the list to implement
  2. for now i’m not planning to include a Homebase in the Homey app as it doesn’t have functionality. So set arming goes via a device.

@martijnpoppen Works great!
Is it possible to add the Eufy doorsensor as well? The doorsensor is listed in the homey app but can’t get it to work as a trigger in a flow.

Hey @Hans_Festen
Yes thats a work in progress :slight_smile:
So it think soon I can put it in test.
The Homey app does list it , but if you put it in as a camera it won’t work :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be great! :grinning:

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New app update (live: 1.10.5):

Finally test changes are live:

  • Quick responses for Battery doorbell (wired doorbell not supported, test in progress together with @Rens_Hoekema )
  • Add Always-on to device. (inside device settings)
  • Update p2p library for custom quick response
  • Fixed issues with image tab

Next update will cover:

  • Door sensor (maybe Motion Sensor too)
  • And cards inside flow. (e.g.: If somebody comes home AND camera mode = Away Then camera mode = Home)
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Hi Martin, thank you for spending time and effort to rework the quick response. Just tried out the flow with my battery doorbell and I am seeing this error when testing the flow.

The quick response just shows a loading spinner and nothing is played from the doorbell. I’ve set “when this flow is started” as the trigger


Can you show the error. If there’s a red triangle you can click on it :slight_smile:

There’s no error. Apologies on my poor description. There is only a loading spinner and no quick response

Here’s a gif recording of the flow when testing

Can you enable DEBUG in the app settings and send me your ACTOR_ID in a DM? Then i’ll check the logs

Yesterday installed my battery powered doorbell. Everything works fine but don’t get a snapshot. Only the picture of eufy products. I just have 1 time get a snapshot from the doorbell itself. I have tried the public and beta app on homey. The eufy app itself works fine on the secondary account. someone has an idea of ​​what is going wrong