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Yes thats true! Will sent you a DM

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As promised I would update here when I finished the Multiple Hubs.
So here it is :slight_smile:

Made support to include multiple devices: Homebase devices but also stand-alone like the Eufy Pan&Tilt.

The new version is in test. So keep that in mind while installing.

Please let me know if it works as expected.

Download v1.5.1


And the RTSP? :wink:

Work in progress…
RTSP is not going to work because Homey doesn’t allow it.
Getting the latest notification image seems to be the way to go for now. :frowning:

Also investigating if i can find other solution to get a snapshot of the stream.

The image part i’ll make available soon, but streaming/realtime images is quite hard.

Eufy is quite a closed Eco-System.


Just found your app, awesome! Been waiting years for this one. Eufys own logic is to bad. Now I can use more variables in my automation to have an even greater security environment. Many thx!


Almost there with image notifications :smiley:


@martijnpoppen You definitely know how to build the excitement…
Now stop teasing us and bring us the good stuff! :rofl:


:joy: haha

Allready setup the TV for this!

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Bought the doorbell last week.
Does anyone have the 15 degree wedge left?
If you want to get rid of it, what do you ask for it to be sent to Oss?

Maybe if you know someone with a 3D printer? They are a lot those design prints on thingiverse

Images are added in the test version of the app. (v1.6.1)

The default camera image is set. On every incoming notification this image gets updated.
The refresh button on the device won’t work. it only shows the last available image.

The image from the device is available in the flows.

Please let me know what you think and if you see improvements :slight_smile:

Example flow:

CC: @Szergely @MrBlue @Wout-1976


Really curious to see how this works :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man. So hyped about this!
Even though v1.6.0 is installed, no images are visible in both the device, nor the image tag.
Could you check whether the image feature was added to all the devices? (In my case 2k battery doorbell)

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@MrBlue Uh yes you’re correct.
I published the app and then I applied the new code to the app :expressionless:
So i published the 1.5.1 again :joy:

Try again now -> v1.6.1 (new version)

Installed v1.6.1 and now I can see the image. Awesome!

Only thing I figured that is when I want to use the image in a flow, the flow card fails.

Will do a few additional tests to see if I can fix this.

@MrBlue hmm thats weird, tested just now. Can you try a push notification with the image?

Hmm. That seems to work.
Let me restart my Homey to see whether it solves the issue

Allright… Restarted Homey, but still encounter issues.
Test Pipup:

Turns out that if you use the default image, the image can be used. But as soon as the notification image needs to be used, nothing happens…

Any chance it could be a resolution or file extension issue?

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@MrBlue Just thinking. Does the telegrambot accept image tag or does it need to be an image_url?