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Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee


Hi Homey community.

not sure where to put this but where can i request implementation of the Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee?

I have several of those and it seems that homey does not support it even as a generic device.
It seems that homey does not support generic zigbee thermostats at all.
The only other zigbee thermostat i found is the “Tom” from plugwise.


Hello Absalon :slight_smile:

I’m using several Eurotronic Spirit with Homey !

Juste use this app: https://apps.athom.com/app/org.eurotronic




…but this app is only for the z-wave devices from eurotronic.
he search for the zigbee-app :slight_smile:


Oh sorry ! I didn’t know there was a zigbee version of Eurotronic Spirit !

My bad, I’ve no other solution :frowning:


You can make your request here, at least for the community


I would simply ask @caseda as developer of the Eurotronic app if he would add support for the Zigbee variant; both are based on the same meshdriver…


I really don’t have the time to dive into zigbee, so won’t be added by me.
But feel free to send in a PR.