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Eurotronic Technology App (Stable: v2.0.6)

Can be added to the software. Whether there is heat demand from a valve?
Because then it is much easier to control this.
I normally had other radiator knobs and here came a percentage stand out that the valve was open.
Here I was able to count on the direction of my kettle.

Change in the advanced settings, the manual report value, that gives you the percentage of how far the valve is open.
You can trigger flows when that value changes then.

It is disabled by default for battery saving purposes.

Something is going really wrong here… just trying to enable the external sensor in the spirit valve gives me this error

Hmm, thought I tested everything going to sdkv2 :thinking:, apparently not, and that setting didn’t even change at all.
But thanks for reporting.

For your issue not being able to set associations in the multisensor I can’t do anything about, it is not my app.

Well let me know if I can test something specific to help you to pinpoint the problem

Little update for you:

Thanks it works perfectly.
Only 0.10 is out for 10% this could be better 10 for 10%.
But it works great. Thanks

0.10 is the same as 10%, and did this to be consistent as everything in homey that uses percentage (brightness, hue, saturation, etc) (except for battery level for some reason), has this.

But thanks for the compliment.

Have you gotten around to see where the problem might be with setting Spirit to use external temperature?

I have not looked at it yet, if I did you would have known in the form of an update :wink:

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Spirit installed with betaversion.
It works fine. Thank you very very much…

I just got 2 spirit stats… Neither are showing the current temperature.

I also Opened an issue for the Stella Z with the same issue

Version 2.0.3 has just been released as beta in the app store, change log:
v2.0.3: [beta]
Spirit: Fix not being able to send the room temperature
Added a setting for the Economic temperature
Increased stability for flows

Fix rounding errors manual control
Rewritten internal functions making the app more stable (in particular with multiple devices)

when will this app-version (2.0.3) move from beta to stable?

I had the same problem, so to make a fresh start, I deleted all my thermostats, deleted the app, reset the homey, installed the new version 2.0.3, reset the thermostats to factory default, connected them again with homey, via the gui working wonderfull, … flows, still not working. I don’t believe that the distancy of the homey to the thermostats is the problem, I have one within one meter and one within two meters, so should work. Any suggestions??

Not until everything works as it should.

I have tested all flow thoroughly, and myself can’t make them fail/keep loading anymore with 2.0.3, so if more people have it I will add more debugging so it can be debugged, might have a thought why it could be, but I’m currently 1000km away from home so a bit difficult, and also makes it a big change for me as it would mean trying a different way.

Where does it go wrong?
Does it keep spinning?
Or do you get an error?
or does a different thermostat change?
How many thermostats do you have?
And lastly, what homey version are you running?

These questions is for everyone that has the same issue(s)

Where does it go wrong? The flow works like it should but nothing happens on the thermostats
Does it keep spinning? No, it gives a green “vinkje” but the command is not processed by the thermostat
Or do you get an error? No no error
or does a different thermostat change? None of the thermostats change
How many thermostats do you have? Four
And lastly, what homey version are you running? 2.0.2-rc-2, but the previous version had the same behaviour

The green checkmark is only given if a device responded with “OK I received your signal” when activating the flow card (the reason why I asked for if another valve changed, as that was the case for someone else),
Is it only with the change mode, and if yes, with all modes?

It doesn’t receive any of the modes. Funny thing is that when you send a temparature via a flow, it does work without problems. When sending a temparature to a thermostat that is in off mode, the mode changes to comfortable and the temparature is set. Oh and now when I look at it. When I send the mode “ comfortable” to dining room, it changes in the bedroom. I will investigate further