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Eurotronic Technology App (Stable: v2.2.0, Test v2.3.4)

yes thanks, I tried it, it is ok. the label is not so user friendly (from a french point of view) as the “report of manual position” reports the position whatever is the mode (comfort, off, manual…).

At last the valve and apps are OK for my usage and I will order some more !

No further news I guess? I noticed sometimes CO2 figures of 4000 in bedroom. Totally unreliable figures.
I don’t understand how it possible Eurotronic puts these kinds of products in the market. Without testing if the measurements are ok. A small difference I can accept, but we are talking about big differences, in temperature, in humidity, and also in CO2 figures. The other figures I can’t judge. For a sellingprice of almost 70 Euro.

Well my question to you is, you have (tried) contacting Eurotronic yourself right? I’m not sure how I could help you any further, even if I would get the answer “we have fixed it” (which I have not, yet) you most likely will need to send it in to them anyway when they have it fixed.

I sent an email once, just confirmation back, nothing more. Just a very bad buy. Never Eurotronic for me again.