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Eurotronic Technology App (Stable: v2.2.0)

In theorie yes,

from what I’ve heard up until now yes, I believe it was just a firmware issue,

you can do it yourself , but you’ll need a (cheap) z-wave USB stick, and the update hex file.
The update file I might be able to get via eurotronic, but they also might recommend to trade it out for a newer version.

Let me ask my contact at eurotronic what’s best, could you send me some contact information (email or something) of yours via PM?
More users probably will have it so might be beneficial for multiple people.

Actually this is exactly my case - the same firmware bug, and the same problem with contacting Eurotronic (they keep ignoring my mails). If you’re able to get the firmware from them, I would be very grateful for sharing!

That is very kind of you!
I have sent you my details via a P.M.

Thanks again!

I can ship my old Spirit to Eurotronic!

Have you been able to contact them @Caseda?

If I had (an answer), you would have known :wink:
Have had contact but no answer yet on the specific question.

Correction, i just received an answer:

You can tell the users, that they can send their Spirit Z-Wave Plus to us and we will update them.

Kind regards

So seems like we won’t be getting a firmware update ourselves, or the issue isn’t fixed by just a firmware update.

Synchonicity :wink:

Which leaves the question: what is the procedure?
Owners have to uninstall the valves, pack them and sent them to Germany and - after having had no answers on our e-mails - trust that we will get an updated valve back?

I have to say - which has nothing to do with you @Caseda - this is not very user friendly.

Best way would be if Eurotronics sends me an updated Spirit in a nice box, in which I can immediately return my own Spirit. No delay, less hassle…

Could you please forward my suggestion to your Eurotronics contact, or give me her/his name and e-mail.


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I have also two spirit who get crazy sometimes. They have firmware 769!
So if eurotronic will change this I will be happy!

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There was a direct answer from Eurotronic in the homee forum.
Eurotronic approved problems with some valves (the first charge of the newer ones without the gray cover). They told to contact Eurotronics to change them (send back/get new ones free).
So just contact Eurotronic directly, descibe the problem and ask for exchange.

Short question: Ist this app ready for Homey 5.0 (or will be compatible with the 5.0 release)?

The app has been SDKv2 for a very long time (pretty much the start), so yes this app is Homey v5 ready.

It isn’t SDKv3 yet, with the reason of, it isn’t necessary (yet) for z-wave, and we don’t want to force people to update to v5 just to be able to include the new sensors (supported soon).

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Hi, is there anything to say about when you expect the air quality sensor will be supported by eurotronic, so we can connect it to Homey? Thanks.

I should receive mine this week, when I have it I expect it to be in the test app in a few hours.

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Oke:-) thanks for the fast reply

Did so 3 times. No answer…

Do you have a name and email address for me so I can contact a person at Eurotronics.

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I’ve seen a post from Eurotronic in the homee forum some months ago. My quick search found only this result. Perhaps the phoen number could help?

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Any news about the air quality sensor? You received it?

The same rule still counts, when I have it in my possession, then it will be in the app within a few hours.
As it isn’t in the app yet… :wink:

I thougt so. Maybe I was a little bit too fast with buying this new product.

Well if you can hurry up the delivery company, I would already have it :upside_down_face:. I just have no control over delivery of products to my door step.

Ok, don’t have a clue how it works for you regarding delivery.