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Extend OSRAM and LEDVANCE compatibility

Continuing the discussion from Osram Lightify:

(Garden) lights LEDVANCE do not work and are not all recognized indeed.

Outdoor flex strip LEDVANCE SMART+ do not work (simple zigbee device) only on/off supported

Same for the LEDVANCE SMART+ White GU10 spots

On the contrary the GU10 RGBW spots do work and are being recognized

Please add them :grin:.

Waiting for Homey 5.0.0. Nothing will happen before that. As an alternative, I can recommend the Conbee 2 stick. Osram runs with it without any problems and can be integrated into Homey.

Any news on Osram. Just got a Smart+ Switch and bulb cheap and no dice…

This is bugging me too!!! A simple ledvance E14 dimmable candle is not recognised and is added as a standard zigbee device (read on/off only, NOT dimmable). Whats the story here??? The ledvance Zigbee productline is rather limited, way less devices then Philips Hue.
Athom support told me to contact Osram and I did. An answer from them seems impossible.
@Athom: take responsibility and fix this MINOR issue PLEASE!

@Everyone else: Ask for support with Homey here: https://www.osram.com/os/contact/forms/technical_support.jsp
If more people are requesting Osram to help Homey adding devices, they will get triggered. So do an effort and request support @Osram

Get yourself a Conbee Stick. He’s like a prostitute and eats everything that has to do with Zigbee.