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Fibaro 3.0.7 is causing all my Fibaro RGBW controllers to fail

Since the Homey v5 and the Fibaro v3 upgrades all of my RGBW controllers are failing, so far it’s 5 of 15 that have stopped working.

They symptom is that they get stuck on only showing one colour (usually blue) and Homey can’t see the colour or brightness. If I pick a different colour it turns off the light, if I increase the brightness the slider in the Homey app returns to 0.

I’ve tried restarting (unplugging) and resetting each controller, but they still don’t work.

Does anyone know of a fix for this or do I have to replace them all with the RGWB Controller 2?


Homey, btw, you bear responsibility for this, but I can’t work out how to get in touch with you.

just look on the website how to contact them, like always with every company.

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Hi I am experiencing this exact same problem

Same here Gents. I have reported this to Athom.
Moreover, manual control of colours and dimming is lousy to unusable.

How did you report it and I’ll do the same


Thanks I’ve contacted them

I saw blue a long time ago.
That’s how I solved the problem:


Yes, I’ve emailed them and I don’t replies.

Yes, I’ve done this with every light, but it was still breaking