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I have my homey plugged into a USB power bank. Now if I need to move it, it’s easy enough to do. Also means the Homey is powered if I loose power briefly. Just in case someone decides to cut the power before breaking in or similar.

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Also I noticed that if you include a zwave device over secure inclusion it needs to be closer than standard inclusion.
I experienced that Fibaro devices will default secure and don’t need to be excluded/reset/removed first (if brand new) but all aeotec products do.
Homey also doesn’t seem to support NWI, not that it would matter it’s range is shit anyway.



I would like to set option 13 (follow switch position) for Fibaro switches. Is it possible to add it to app?



If you want something wich is not pisseble within the app, you should contact the devolper of the app.



Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the official homey forum and isn’t this the official Fibaro app thread and doesn’t the “Fibaro by Athom” mean that Athom is the developer of this app? :slight_smile:



correct. But he question still stands, did you contact them??? this is a community forum, and athom isnt reading every single post.

Maybe you forget to read the welcome to the forum

point 9

When you need direct support from Athom please visit https://support.athom.com for our new help center.
It is very important to report all issues you find here: https://support.athom.com/hc/requests/new or mail to support@athom.com.

point 11

When you come up with a really good enhancement that would benefit everyone create a support case or email support.



This is the community-forum hosted on an Athom-server.
Nothing really official about it. Athom (usually) doesn’t read any of the topics here.



I am sorry about jumping at you guys and I’m still graceful for your reply’s.
I have mistakenly thought that I should contact homey support for problems with the device itself. I also thought that apps are more or less “community additions” to the device itself and their support should go through community even if the developer is the same.
Again - my apologies and I hope that there will be no hard feelings.

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Dont worry about that, we al have to learn how things work on the forum ect ect. :+1:



I thought the contact alarm was fixed but nope… It is right back :cry:

Edit: Aha looks like it was a different problem. Somehow the app didn’t update itself…



Hi, does anyone know how to calibrate properly a Roller Shutter 2? When I choose “Start calibration” in advanced settings, the upper position is calibrated. However, I cannot find a way to calibrate the lower position, and it is not correctly calibrated now after adding it to Homey. It stops some 10 cm above the bottom position.



Strange. Calibration is something that’s built in to the module and is only started by Homey. Calibration is a single process going up and down.
You can start it manually with a combination on the wall switch also, maybe you should try that?



Thanks for your reply! I fear there is something in the settings of the motor itself, ever since I installed the Roller Shutter 2 it has stopped too high up. The vendor who installed the screen and motor has given me instructions on how to calibrate using the wall switches, but that doesn’t work either.



Manual calibration has the same effect as starting it through Homey?
Normally (if I remember correctly) it should go fully up, then down, then up again.

If the vendor’s instructions don’t work either, I guess it’s up to him to pass by and check the problem :slight_smile: (assuming it was installed recently)



I can start the calibration process, both when connected to Homey and SmartThings, but in both cases it just goes fully up, it doesn’t complete a full cycle. So I have reported it to the vendor, hope they can fix it.

In any case, when connecting the Roller Shutter to Homey, it appears in HomeKit, but it doesn’t respond to running it up/down from the Home app. Since my programming of the sun screen is done in HomeKit based on light sensors and the state of the TV, that’s no good. Hope this will be fixed in the future.



I manage to calibrate my dimmers fine. But in the 2.0 app I don’t get the calibration results shown. So if I want to adjust the calibration manually I have to start from 1-99 instead of the calibrated values.

Does anyone know if I can get a hold of this somehow even if the app doesn’t show it in advanced settings?
In 1.5 it displayed the correct values in advanced settings. It seems like 2.0 doesn’t update it’s advanced settings by request of the device at all since it doesn’t change to “readout” when finished calibrating either.



My Fibaro dimmers all show the minimum and maximum levels (on 2.0).
You don’t get any values at all?



Both the calibrated numbers (1 and 99) are wrong.

The “Force calibration” value is also wrong. It should say readout.

The device itself has finished calibration. This is true of all my dimmers.
This was not the case on 1.5.



“Force auto-calibration” is also wrong here, but I guess that’s just a cosmetic error that shouldn’t cause any problems.
Did you do the calibration after upgrading to 2.0?

I tried doing a calibration of 1 of my dimmers, the min-max didn’t change at all… So now I’m not certain if they are correct… :thinking: It would surprise me if after recalibrating the numbers wouldn’t change a little bit.



I have switched to a Homey Pro which means that everything is done on 2.0.
I would think that your values are saved since upgrading and won’t change since the 2.0 app doesn’t listen to devices when they send updated information in advanced settings / parameters.