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Fibaro by Athom

I’m trying to add a FIBARO SMART IMPLANT FGBS-222 but I got this message.
How can I resolve this?
Thank you for your reply

isn’t supported yet.

Check: https://apps.athom.com/app/com.fibaro and see for your self (right column)

I saw it, I was just wrong thinking that the smart implant was just an implementation of the binary sensor ( just a different name ).
I need it to get input from my alarm central with dry contact to show open or closed doors or windows and also to get alarm triggers ( always in dry contact ) to activate automations and scenes at home.


I have a rgbw dimmer with a white led strip connected. If i want to turn it off i have to dim the level to 0%. It will not turn off with only the button. Is this a setting option or something?

Athom told me many weeks ago that smart implant was the most requested device and it was no 1 priority and that they will add support as soon as possible. Is that next summer? :grin:

at the Athom office, the word Soon is very relatively , that they have proven already in the past :grimacing:

And that soon can be mounts is not OK. Soon for me is a few weeks at most.

I am having issues with my smoke sensor 2 and co sensor from Fibaro.
After about a month (may be less) my sensors no longer send/trigger alarms. Eg. last change states 30 days for a smoke alarm, and when I press the test button Homey does not register it and does not trigger a flow. However: the temperature sensor sends it’s info just fine: I can readout the temperature and I see it has connected in the past few minutes…

When I remove the smoke or co detector from Homey and add it again the alarms trigger the flows as intended for a while. But after some time within a month (this is how many times I test my detectors) it stops responding again. Once again: temperature readouts keep working just fine…

I am using the beta version of Homey, and the latest version of the app. My Homey is the 2016 edition I think.

Is anyone else having this issue? Any ideas how to resolve this?
Right now I cannot use any of the flows since the alarms simply cannot be trusted to work reliably… :frowning_face:

It looks like you are not the only one. I was think about it I was doing something wrong. And asking athom already. So the best is I think to send a request to athom that they can check it with you?

I have sent a bug report via GitHub. It seems there are more sensors that do not work properly. Motion sensors that stay in a triggered state, but do report lux levels, etc…

I advise everyone to file a bug report. The more reports, the quicker they will fix the issues!

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I think it depends of number of hops those sensors go through. My experience, no hops or one hop maximum, then the sensors always report motion correctly. Two or more hops then they get stuck either in continuous motion or no motion.
Since I have installed the external z-wave antenna I have max 1 hop on all Fibaro motion sensors and NEVER had any problem with them.
Indeed, good idea to report the bug since they should report motion correctly regardless the number of hops.

I can not confirm.
Most of my Fibaro MS communicate with more than 2 hops. And all reliably report the movement!

Then your mileage is different.

Hi All,

I have a problem with my kitchen lights. These spots (9X leds) are triggerd by a fibaro FGMS-001-PLUS motionsensor. The switch i use is a Fibaro FGD-212 dimmer in combination with a Pulsdrukschakelaar (pulsationswitch?). It works fine, dimming with the manual switch and also in combination witch the motionsensor. The only thing that sometimes occurs (not always)is that when the light is on and i am in the kitchen the light starts to burn brigther in steps. every few seconds a step of let says 5%.
What is doing this and how can i prevent it?

greetz Frans

Anyone? Am I the only one with this problem?

Hi to all. Is there any description of what FIBARO features (I’m interesting in Dimmer, Switcher and Double Switcher) aren’t supported in Homey in compare with FIBARO gateway? I’m looking for platform for automatization of my home and thinking about homey and fibaro

Welcome to the community.
And, ehm, i know it’s kinda hard to read 295 reactions above you in (3)4 minutes, but putting a little effort in it couldn’t harm don’t you think?
Did you read the welcome message that was showed when you signed up?

But in answer to your question: no, i don’t think such a list exists.

How can i stop and continue a moving roller shutter on a Roller Shutter 3 unit?

Is there anyone that an help me out with this issue?

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My guess is you connected it with 2 wires? It is far better if you use the 3-wire method if possible. There are some dips in the electricity network and the Fibaro dimmer has some issues with it.

To bad as it’s not possible to get the blue wire over there. So again a fibaro that’s not working properly :thinking::thinking: