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Fibaro by Athom

I’m trying to add a FIBARO SMART IMPLANT FGBS-222 but I got this message.
How can I resolve this?
Thank you for your reply

isn’t supported yet.

Check: https://apps.athom.com/app/com.fibaro and see for your self (right column)

I saw it, I was just wrong thinking that the smart implant was just an implementation of the binary sensor ( just a different name ).
I need it to get input from my alarm central with dry contact to show open or closed doors or windows and also to get alarm triggers ( always in dry contact ) to activate automations and scenes at home.


I have a rgbw dimmer with a white led strip connected. If i want to turn it off i have to dim the level to 0%. It will not turn off with only the button. Is this a setting option or something?