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Fibaro by Athom

Do you maybe have a central box where you could connect the fibaro to?

Just wondering, why it isnt possible to get the blue wire there🤔

Because there is a new wooden ceiling made there. So can reach it anymore. Did not place the blue wire because it was not necessary according fibaro

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No, that’s nicely behind the new ceiling

It is in your flow probably. Or did you connect them directly module to module? I presume not. What happens is motionsensor triggers and send on signal to dimmer. So if you have it on pulse setting then it will send pulse. Moving result in keep on sending pulse so in a way same as holding pushbutton > dimming up. You need a flow this way that if light=on then do not send ‘on’ signal to dimmer. Like in : if detect movement > and light not on > switch on. If light is turned off and you see little light in the bulb the 2-wire is not working ok and you need a bypass. Be sure to check wattage levels as they are different for 2-wire with load

Since I have the latest homey update (experimental) I have removed the old flow. No more timers nessecary and indeed it’s changed. Not gone completely but it’s changed. So I am gone try what you suggested. Thanks :+1:

Just a headsup.
Got reply from athom that they are going to implement the missing id’s for binary sensor, walli etc. Walli is allready in beta app+beta homey firmware (yes need both installed) , rest is added next.

Any news to this? I have same problem. Have 3 smoke sensors - athom sees them all and get continous temperature readings, but when i put firealarm/smokealarm on, nothing happens - have tried to re-add them and it makes no difference


2 weeks ago I got a email from athom that the have it in the alpha test… so I except it very soon will come to the beta and than we will see…

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Yes smoke alarm is going to be fixed also. You could try putting a “1” in all groups in advanced settings of the device, that might just work.
Also the fibaro roller shutter is getting Venetian blinds setting regarding tilt function. It was my understanding that, as it is one of the most used apps, it is going to get a big overhaul. But first prio is the homey firmware itself. Makes sense as one doesn’t want to recode apps with every change, which is quite time consuming.

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Any insight to how far away in time the new version of the Fibaro app are?

Really need support for the Smart Implant which I use for vital home automation purposes in my current Fibaro HC2 which I am moving away from to as Homey

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Athom never gives a timeline, so the only time we know is, probably before Christmas

you can contact Athom to be allowed into the alpha branch if you really need it.

Thanks for quick answer!

And to contact them one should use support@athom.com?

that is correct

Hello Keckepro,

Test it today and the smoke alarm is working again. Also the heat alarm is working now!

Anyone having the same problem? My fibaro devices are displayed as not reachable. See attached pics. Other zwave devices are working?! Any idea how to solve this?
I already tried:

  • app restart several times (+ enable disable)
  • homey w/o power for 15min to enforce mesh reset zwave

Only homey full restart helps. But only for about 2hrs. :frowning:


today included my Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 in Homey, was previously a home user.

I’m more than amazed at the lack of support. Among the defects:

  • I can not even adjust the inclination of my external blinds, but I need it for shading, in homee was the standard. Is there something else fixed?
  • Dimming level as a name I find something confused in a roller blind?
  • Confusing name when including, what is the version with <2.4? I have the 2.5, so I did not take it, correct?
  • In the flows, I find no option to close blinds or open, only on or off, that does not work, of course?

I hope there is still something to be improved to use the full features can?



This is why the app description says that it isn’t fully implemented:
"Supported devices with some parameters:"

This is probably an mobile app issue, not an Fibaro app issue, and you should contact Athom for that.

The correct driver in the app is chosen by the ID’s of the device itself, which is different for every version of the roller shutter 2, so you will use the correct one no matter what you choose.

You should use the slider to open or close the roller blind, the app indeed doesn’t use ternary buttons as it didn’t work properly in Homey.

thanks a lot


if i close the venetians with down or also with slider, the venetians close complety bit then the slats get horizontal, whats the problem?