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Fibaro by Athom

Do you maybe have a central box where you could connect the fibaro to?

Just wondering, why it isnt possible to get the blue wire there🤔

Because there is a new wooden ceiling made there. So can reach it anymore. Did not place the blue wire because it was not necessary according fibaro

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No, that’s nicely behind the new ceiling

It is in your flow probably. Or did you connect them directly module to module? I presume not. What happens is motionsensor triggers and send on signal to dimmer. So if you have it on pulse setting then it will send pulse. Moving result in keep on sending pulse so in a way same as holding pushbutton > dimming up. You need a flow this way that if light=on then do not send ‘on’ signal to dimmer. Like in : if detect movement > and light not on > switch on. If light is turned off and you see little light in the bulb the 2-wire is not working ok and you need a bypass. Be sure to check wattage levels as they are different for 2-wire with load

Since I have the latest homey update (experimental) I have removed the old flow. No more timers nessecary and indeed it’s changed. Not gone completely but it’s changed. So I am gone try what you suggested. Thanks :+1: