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Fibaro by Athom

I was trying to pair a Fibaro RGBW module and the homey had clear line of site of the module and was around 2 metres away and it would connect to pair and then timeout. I had to move the homey closer, once its paired the distance can be increased.

Not yet as my Homey is installed at fixed posisition and the fibaro wally is installed inside a wall

I have like 4 of these walli dimmer and non of them will be paired even if you have homey touching the dimmer. Less then your 2 centimeters recommendation.

This fault has been introduced after homey 3.0.0 or Version 3.1.0 because I have 6 other walli units and they were all instantly paired when I was running version 2.5

did you also first exclude them via Developer - Z-Wave (even when never been included)?

Well Every time it fails to get paired I go to z wave menu and exclude / remove the unknown device that have been added to my z wave list.

So posted this in a different thread but maybe here better to get a response.

I’ve installed RGBW - Connected all 4 inputs to a momentary switch - but only IN1 is switching (red)

Each input individually seems to work if only that is connected but not if all
I found something on another forum that seemed to indicate that Parameter 14 needs to be set to brightness mode for this to work, but I can’t work out how to do this in Homey
I also don’t know that this will work so any other suggestions welcome!

Edit: Value for parameter 14 is apparently 8738 based on post here: http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php?topic=123955.0

Edit2: I wonder is this just 14,2,8738 in the parameter field? If so, before I do (as need to rewire) would be good to know if this will revert settings that were on before

I have got some fibaro roller shutter 2 devices and I’d like to block the button use of them now over the winter. They are sunscreens and this time of year we got kind of no sun and there’s only a risk that snow and ice damages the motor if it runs.

Anyway according to the manual this is possible by sending a Protection Command Class argument to the roller shutter. Does anyone know if this is at all possible in homey? Maybe I need to send a feature request?

Okay, I can confirm what I said above works!

Follow up question. How do I grab and store the current colour?

This is possible with Homey (the fibaro keyfob uses this also), but should be implemented into the app, there is no other way to accomplish it.

Walli Dimmer cannot be added in v2.2.8, app hangs in installation process. I saw in de feedback of the app there are more people with this issue.

Some extra info about my issue:

  • At pairing through the app, it changes from ‘click a button 3 time’ to a loading screen. This indicates the pairing works…but I can’t get past this screen. Normally you get a new screen to name your device.
  • After debugging in de dev tools given by Athom I can see incoming Z-wave data in the log at pairing.
  • When I want to try again after a first failed pairing, the app says ‘already added’… although I never came past the pairing screen. So now I have a paired device which I cannot control because there is no device created.
  • I can succesfully delete the zwave device from the app settings -> Zwave -> remove a device. Then I can pair again which will result in a hanging loading screen when pairing.

Hopefully my detailed info will help de developers to some the pairing issue in the app. Looks like a timing issue or a refresh issue in the app.

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I also emailed Athom about this issue, because this topic is not actively monitored by Athom. I will reply to this message when I have an update

I have an issue with a Fibaro wall plug. It worked correctly for months but suddenly it stopped functioning. So I tried to remove it. Failed. Thus I reset the plug and then tried to remove it. Failed. So I reset the plug again and tried to remove it via the developer option ‘remove any zwave thing’. Failed again. I recieved the error in the attached image. Don’t want to reset my zwave network, because that would mean I have to include each and every Wall socket (build in double switches Fibaro). Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Did you try to remove the node through developer.athom.com ?


Hi Pascal,

That did the trick for me. Thanks a million!

Could anyone tell me how I can make a FIBaro rgbw gradually change from red to green and back again indefinitely until I take action not to?

This may be more of a general Homey question but not totally sure - with Christmas around the corner it’s something I’d like to get set up!!


When will be the rgbw controller 2 supported?
Have 9 of them and I cant get them to work :sweat_smile:.
Hope some one will add them to the list.

I know I have already done that.
Hope all of you will do it as well.

I have a problem with the status of some of the dimmers sometimes not showing correctly in the Homey App. It’s rather strange, since the Zwave network seems to work perfectly, no irratic behaviour or missed operations there.

Once I press the dimmer affected in the app twice (once to make the app aware of the actual status and the next time to actually toggle the status), it is ok again until a couple of days later.

Has anybody seen this kind of behaviour before?