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Fibaro by Athom

Does not work, PTP is the meaning of this procedure.

Edit: Ok, you mean also the Walli. Does it work? Or is this just a hunch?

Did you PTP of the modules?
Edit: it resets the route, could help!

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Edit: Ok, will try it.

Hello there,
i’ve notice that my fibaro walli roller shutter not updating the blind state if i used them manually. Even if i set the report delay at 5 seconds. The only workaround i’ve found is to restart the fibaro app every XX minutes.
Someone have an other workaround ?

Did you try PTP of the Walli yet?

Did you also try removing the Walli and re-adding it to homey again. I Want to try this but the walli switch is far from the hub, and I don’t want to remove the switch just yet.

No, not yet.

I am already in contact with Athom (Boaz) and hope for a quick fix. If Athom does not get the problem solved by Tuesday, I will do PTP.

An exclusion/inclusion of devices is the very last possibility for me.

@Murtaza_Biggy, this is the answer from Athom, so stay cool and wait a bit:

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Thanks mate.

Actually they were fast. The new update is already out and I tested. Works fine now.

Thank you and thanks Athom (Boaz) for the quick fix.

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I have new version app and the walli rollershutter doesnt seem to work. I re-added the walli and now there is a pulldown menu for tilt setting. Doesn’t work though, just up and down works. Then i changed the device to venetian blind with positioning, tilt setting is gone now and cant get it back whatever setting i choose. The idea is nice though, needs some more work to properly function. I still dont get it as the fibaro rs2 i have does function ok, even in google home. Rs3 and walli functions the same and doesnt work in google home and does not have the 3 button tab. The dimmer part of google home curtain device times out and does not work at all though, just open/close works.


Any idea when new Fibaro devices will be supported (FGS-224, replacing FGS-222 which is supported by the app?).


The only ones who can answer this question are the staff of Athom.

But you can send Athom a device request.

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I have a question about using the Roller Shutter 2 (<2.4). The Roller Shutter works perfectly with my shutters. I have two of these Roller Shutters both with a version number 2.2. When using the up and down buttons the shutter will open and close. No problem there. If I use the slider to 50%, no problem there either. Set it to 0% (fully closed), still no problem. Set it to 100% (fully open) nothing happens, only when I slide it to 99% it will open again. It seems like setting the slider to 100% doesn’t send a message to the Fibaro shutter or the Fibaro shutter just discards the command. Does anyone has or had the problem and maybe someone has a solution?

Is fibaro BiDi Z-Wave supported? it is an implant for gate opener.

You can look at the app page of fibaro, on the athom app store if the specific device is supported. If not you should make a request at the develpor, in this case athom themself.

How you should do it, you can find here…