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To change settings of fibaro double sw 2 you need to change option of sw1. Those settings will automatically apply also on sw2. On sw1 it will save. If you try to change advance settings on sw2 of double switch 2 it will throw an error indeed.


And if on S1 I have a toggle switch and on S2 a momentary one?


david_k: By re-pairing the double switch 2, should i first remove the 2 (working and not working) switches in the app, and then start as if pairing them for the first time.
Can you provide the steps you got it to work again?


Yes, always exclude them first, either from the app or from the developer tools “Remove any node” then triple click the B button of the switch or S1.

Personally I found the Remove method from the dev tools much easier than the phone app.


In my head that is not supported. I’ll check if colleague can do it using fibaro home center. I simply think type of switch is single config for both s1 and S2.

Yes, I did it like you said. I’ve deleted both of them and simply went on install a device again. During removal and installing actions are confirmed with triple switches of s1. So remove device procedure, it notifies you to do a triple click. Then install the device, it will ask you again for a triple click.

In case you end up with paired device error (already associated), then you can used b button for reset or easier: settings, z-wave, remove device not part of the homeys network. This option saved me digging up all to reset it as I had that associated but not fully situation.


Thanks. I think you are right. There is only one parameter (20) which is used to define the type of switch to both S1 and S2. Not individual settings.
Then maybe the fibaro app should only allow for one setting on S1.


Since my update I had to remove and add all the devices manually. I had one fibaro switch only for measuring. Is it still possible to disable toggling the switch from the Fibaro single switch 2? I can’t find it anymore in 2.0.


Can we expect an update that fixes this anytime soon??
I think it is kind of ridiculous to have things as they are now, and not roll back to a version where everything just worked.

Or is re-including the devices the new way forward…???
Please tell me that is not the case.


All the options are still here. Long press on the switch (device) then settings (up right corner) then advanced settings.

I think only one or two type of fibaro devices had issues. I’ve lost my mind initially as I thought I will have to digg the switch for the reset button. At the end I only had to re-add one device.

All in all, everything is working now for me. I’ve disabled the auto update and will again update after a 1-2 months for things to settle. V2.0 is a completely new device. We just needs to live trough this couple of months and we are back in the calm waters.


I see this option for the fibaro wall plug indeed, but not for the Single Switch 2 anymore.


It looks like that the double switch 2 (S2) only works via a flow or “groups” as suggested. The tile in the Homey app is broken.


Exactly, I have the same experience, same applies for the double relay by the way.


@Bram are you with us?


I want to use a fibaro double switch 2 behind a mechanical switch in my kitchen that is now used to switch a power outlet in my garden. I have no need to switch this power outlet, so i want to provide constant current to it by bypassing the mechnical switch. That leaves my mechanical switch unused, but i now want to use this to switch a hue lightstrip in the kitchen that is powered from somewhere else.

So: can i do this with a fibaro double switch 2? Can i make a flow with a double switch 2, without it having a direct load attacted to it? Will it switch in homey?


@ditisstephan yes, this is possible, i use this myself 4 times, just make sure you don’t use the dimmer 2, as that does need an output attached.


The Tamper Alarm is constantly on with Fibaro Motion Sensor FGMS-001 after update to 2.0. and temperature and luminance updates very seldom ( like after 10 - 12 hours). Device settings are unchanged.
I dont know if that is a hardware or software problem, but something is wrong. Any idea how to solve this issue?


i have the same problem with the tamper alarm for the fibaro motion sensor, so i think its not your hardware.


Yeah Athom needs to finally step up and fix the app…


I wonder what’s going on with the app/firmware…
I installed a new Double Switch 2 yesterday, everything is working just fine (at first sight).


Double Switch 2 is working normally after app upgrade. I personally just removed it and paired it again. I think maybe it would work even without re-pairing. You have different experience?